Feb. 6, 2021

january gratitude

oh yeah, it's a new month! it still feels like 2021 just started...

  1. standing on the balcony, watching the freezing rain outside, enjoying the fresh air
  2. IT'S GROWING UP DAY Arson, Carob, and Mango & Sago are finally ADULTS
  3. the ice on the balcony melted. got a nice half-hour walk. so nice out; fresh snow is the best
  4. ooof we got an Iconoclasm enrage at 0.1%. big prog, we'll get him next time
  5. hatched a Sandile from a rocket egg
  6. update: Jackfruit Cider and Derelict Fog are also grown up. that's a full hunting squad!
  7. the pigeons are ooookay (apparently)
  8. TWO 45-minute walks downtown. life is good
  9. and a snowy day for the Full Winter Experience™
  10. butter chicken for dinner, and then a cold can of mango nectar for dessert
  11. you know, my social life has actually improved in lockdown, because I'm working from home and my friends are too and I can hang out during the day
  12. writing on the first page of a brand new notepad
  13. balcony walk late at night. I like taking walks outside at night, which I never could do until I discovered I had a balcony
  14. a Sunfall pup falling from the sky into my lap. holy 497 stats
  15. mercenary (the band). haven't listened to them in forever and they're SO GOOD
  16. big roster purge. dumped my six starting NBWs (my scout, my sitter, and the Abyss of Time hunting squad). feels great to be training my keeper wolves now
  17. potato blob, potato blob, put the potato in the blob
  18. just got the Golden Hills background for Fenrir, my best boy, now looking more regal than ever
  19. more daylight! a walk at 4:15 pm is now a DAY walk, who knew
  20. feeling spry!
  21. wolfpack fanart! drew arson, carob, and mango & sago. need to work on my canids for sure, but it was fun and they're cute
  22. also, first real art of 2021!
  23. reading over my journal entries from the past six months. good times with friends, good memories
  24. taking a long hot shower, and then throwing out my old socks with the gigantic holes in them and putting on brand new socks. I'm warm and comfy
  26. doing thordan EX with team (ft. tiro)
  27. delicious peanut udon
  28. a nice long peaceful balcony walk late at night
  29. 31.5K steps! best day of 2021 so far!
  30. oooof finished my work project. feels great to finally be done
  31. also my new project is pretty interesting
  32. sold my scratched face scar for 50 gc. I'm RICH
  33. mongolian BBQ chicken for dinner. so good
  34. we beat iconoclasm!
  35. SIX wisdom level up for Lucky Taro. glacier, here we come
  36. Miri had her puppies!! three pups, all 400+ stats, including a maltese girl
  37. made porkghetti! cooking is the perfect combo of productivity and self-care: I stand up, get away from my computer for a while, and take time to make something good. then I get to eat it. win-win. it was delicious
  38. omg I made Raubritter my breeding male yesterday and he got his first stud request today I'm so proud
  39. sunlight on snow, the best mood
  40. freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!
  41. LMAO Faelor changed his name to "Dick"
  42. now all the ads instead of saying "no faelor" will say "no dick" lmaooo
  43. a looong afternoon nap
  44. and mongolian BBQ chicken for dinner
  45. raid! we worked on Light Rampant. we're getting there. thanks again to HGR for explaining it to me after last week's session
  46. Raubritter got a total of FOUR stud requests in his first week as stud. nice going, big guy

Written by Achaius

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