April 7, 2020

(Not a) Productive day

Hmm I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but I woke up in the morning nonetheless instead of waking in the afternoon. I managed to start researching on portfolio ideas before lunch as well. I got frustrated doing color corrections for the footage because I was still so new to it. Probably shouldn't play Borderlands 2 last night with my friend as well. I thought I would be able to continue working on the footage after 2 hours of gaming but we ended up chatting for an hour more and it was already 12am by then. I did what I could and calmed myself down before going to bed.

But rants aside, I managed to achieve what I want to do today :) I started work before lunch, got a few references down as a starting point for my portfolio. Treated myself to a packet of Chocolate milk during lunch and a half-hour lie down on the bed. I promised to cut-down on Reddit and screen time and I think I managed quite okay (except the extra scrolling before bed, gotta work on that). But yeah I think I on track at the moment despite what I'm telling myself. Come on you can do this, believe in yourself.

Written by Soulbun

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Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Am I active xD? I feel like I can't do all the things I want during the day xD haha
Yeah I heard about that too. But like, I don't know. Like the only thing I do on Zoom is either chat with my boyfriend or what youtube videos with him xD Although the maximun thing that happened was that we looked for courses online to do together xD Does the leak count also if we used the application or only if you use the browser version @.@? Oh well :) Too late I guess xD But it has the best receptiooon xD
What do you do :D? What's your portfolio :D? You can try now with the quarantine :D !!! What tutorials are you watching :D? Do you watch the speed runs O.O? Cause sometimes I watch them, but most of the time they don't explain how they stuff so I just end up listening to the weird music the put on the video whie I do other things xD haha

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Oh I forgot to say: Chocolate Milk is an awesome treat :D I can't drink it anymore though xD haha

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Heey! @Soulbun just curious here, when you were researching for portfolio ideas, what type of work do you do?
My cousin keeps on telling me to get Borderlands 3 but I haven't gotten the time and funds to buy it though hahahaa~ Hopefully soon~ Is the second one great?

Posted On Apr 08, 2020

@pinenutes yeah man you're an active one, at least in my standards haha I'm a couch potato. I assume the leak is from having a zoom account and recording the session regardless of using the app or browser, (I'm not sure in this just reading snippets of it on the news), Well, even Taiwan has banned Zoom so maybe you could consider Discord as an alternative? I've been using it for quite a while and it's has a screen sharing feature as well, no security issues I've heard so far.
I'm actually studying a degree in multimedia design, and one of the assignments is that we have to design our own portfolio so I was browsing through Behance for inspiration.
I don't normally watch speedruns and I agree with you that the music puts me off sometimes haha, I'm watching more for the techniques/tools they use. The most recent one I've watched is this one about adding textures in illustrations

And yes choco milk (drools), why can't you drink it anymore though? health issues?

Posted On Apr 08, 2020

Hey :D, I'm currently studying a degree in multimedia design and my assignment was to design my own portfolio.
B2 is really good, the witty jokes, sarcasm, fourth-wall-breaking and pop-culture references keep me hooked to the game haha. I've finished the game last year but there's still so much to do post-game that I'm still playing it today. I've only played B2 sadly so I can't be the judge of the other games (B3, B1, the pre-sequel). Hope you'll be able to get B3 soon ^^

Posted On Apr 08, 2020

@Soulbun I am a couch potatooo D: I swear :'( It's just that before the only way I would make my body work out would be when I would walk around with friends or my boyfriend xD But since that option is now prohibited temporarily, I have to move my body some other way xD Like if you were with me right now, you would hear all the cursing and suffering that I am enduring while doing a plank xD Last year when I would do them with my boyfriend he would just start laughing and couldn't do his exercises 'cause I kept distracting him with all the hate I would project out while doing various exercises xD I'll try discord next time, I didn't know it had a share screen option :3 thank you :3
Uuuuuuh :D So forgive my ignorance, but what do you study with "Multimedia Design" :)?
So have you actually tried in these days to draw with texture *__*???

Yeah, unfortunately xD If I drink choco or regular milk I bloat up like a balloon xD Haha

Posted On Apr 09, 2020

Multimedia design is basically kinda graphic design-ish but works more digitally such as video editing, audio, 2D/3D animation and most digital media. And no I had not tried drawing with the textures *.* I'm giving my attention to my assignments atm as the deadline looms closer every day. But I will once I've have the time for it :)
Yeah been there done that for planking while I was still in shape a few years back haha I feel you. Planks are hard man.
Aww a shame that you can't have the simple joy of sipping milk. But good luck on Discord :)

Posted On Apr 09, 2020

@Soulbun Go :D !! GO :D!! Finish :D! (I'm not trying to pressure you xD I'm trying to cheer xD)
Pfft don't lie to me >:3 We all know you're in shape >:3 Ever since that time I haven't streamed with anyone yet xD HAHA i think we're pretty much getting used to the isolation xD

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Wow that's awesome! So far what's your favourite medium? I recently tried drawing a little bit but only with pencil and paper.. Saving up for a 2-in-1 laptop for journaling purposes and am really eager to try and draw digitally now~ Especially after watching how people do it in youtubee <3

Ahh, I see, looking forward to B3 nowww~ Hihihi~ I gather it's an open world game then? seeing that you can do things after the game. My cousin hasn't finished his yet so he can't tell me much either, but he said there's a multiplayer option so we can play together through the network~ That's why he wants me to get it soon hahahahha

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