April 7, 2020

Karaoke Night!

My story for this day started real early morning around past midnight where me and my cousin found out that we can make a party room in our karaoke app so that we can sing together! It's really super fun and I wish I can upload my screen recordings of it. Besides singing though, we also talked quite a bunch about work and the happenings lately. Life updates since we haven't seen each other in almost a month and the last time we met mas very brief.

Now, me and her agreed on a project to keep ourselves busy. We're gonna make a children's book. I'll write the story and she'll draw the illustrations~ I'm so giddy! Really excited to try on something new such as a children's story. This is really gonna be hard and I'll have to search for a bunch of references but I'm so pumped about this especially after she agreed on the outline I gave her~ Yeayeay..

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Are you going to be posting the childrens book online :)?

Posted On Apr 08, 2020

Seconded @pinenutes I'm curious about the children book too :))

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Hello <3 @pinenutes and @Soulbun I plan to do so but still working it out with my cousin as well since she wants to use this in her portfolio. Maybe we'll have it up in her website once it's done <3 sorry for the late reply~ I had some bad days~ :')

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Uuuh :D Just remember to tell us once you publish it on her website :3

Posted On Apr 13, 2020

@pinenutes I will for sure <3

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