Feb. 9, 2021

light rampant pt.2

"I'm not sure Light Rampant is that great of a mechanic," said HGR.

It's the perfect day to be fighting Shiva: -4 degrees out, windchill of -19. Also, Kan's friend heard that he was progging Light Rampant and asked us to stream our session so that he could watch Kan's suffering. That's what friends are for.

"This is the actual worst mechanic in the game," Kan told us. "The actual fight after this is good, I promise."

"Welcome to the light fields, motherfucker," said newbie.

Silver laughed so hard at newbie's comment that he forgot to move and died to Driving Frost.

On the plus side, we made major progress, clearing Light Rampant like three times in a row near the end of our session. Now that I've actually experienced the whole mechanic multiple times, I should try explaining it. It'll be a good review exercise. Hold my beer.

  • At the start, the team is randomly split into four TOWER BROS and four ORB BROS.
  • TOWER BROS, part 1: The tower bros are all tethered to each other (you know you're a tower bro when you see the gold tether appear). They must stand on the four meteor towers, arranged so that the tethers form a bowtie shape. If it's not a bowtie, the team wipes. I don't make the rules here.
  • ORB BROS: Meanwhile, four orbs appear at the far cardinals of the arena, each tethered to one of the orb bros. The orbs chase their tethered player and will detonate on contact with that player or any other player. Early on, the detonation damage is lethal; but the orbs gradually run out of steam and get smaller, and eventually it's safe to grab them.
  • <HGR> in e8s, ORB runs into YOU
  • Also, Shiva will fire four aoe cones at the four closest players. It's the orb bros' job to bait the cones so they don't hit the tower bros. So it works like this: (1) Get your orb tether. (2) Stand at the edge of Shiva's hitbox to bait your cone. (3) Run to Shiva, turn 45 degrees right, and then run to the edge of the arena. If EVERYONE does this exactly right, your orb will not hit anyone else, and you'll be able to pick it up safely.
  • TOWER BROS, part 2: A second set of towers will appear north and south. The two north players take the north tower, and the two south players take the south tower. After that, move toward the boss slightly to bait a second set of cones.
  • So if you're an orb bro, when grabbing your orb, you want to be positioned toward the east-west cardinal to avoid getting hit by those cones.
  • FINAL TOWER: Check your buff bar! Everyone will randomly have either three or four stacks of a light debuff. (Reaching five stacks means you die.) If you have three stacks, run to the center of the arena for the final tower. Otherwise, stay out.

Written by Achaius

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