Feb. 8, 2021

Started a Men's Skin Care Routine and Stayed Up Late

7:57 AM (of Tuesday, February 9th 2021)

Today is Monday, February 8th 2021 and it was a fun and regular work day. I just sat around at home, working from home, working on assignments that my boss gave me and that was basically the majority of the day.

Outside of work, I hung around on Discord a lot, and chatted with some people. I'd play some Beat Saber for a few minutes every now and then, I no longer have many hours of gameplay after only being able to play single player. Even though I have access to more songs, it's not as engaging as with other people.

Something that I did start doing was men's skin care. They say you get less wrinkles the earlier you start it, so I ordered a skin care kit the other day to try it out. Previously I didn't any sort of skin care or grooming whatsoever. I don't even add any lotion to any part of my body ever. The only self-care I did was brushing and flossing twice daily, which is how I kept my teeth pretty much perfect. Now I started a skin care routine, tonight, and I also did a PM routine where I wash my face and add these other products on top of it. I don't actually know if this does anything, but I'm feeling a lot cleaner that's for sure.

It's a very new process to me. For the PM routine, I wash my face with whatever face wash they have, and then I basically add 3 lotion-like products on top of that. I'm just stacking layers of lotion-like material on my face after washing it, basically. It's what the instructions in the pack say. I don't know if it does anything.

A huge mistake I made tonight is I stayed up late to around 4:30 AM. Yes I'm writing this entry the next day and I barely got any sleep. Huge mistake. I fear this creates bags under my eyes which I don't want. Oh yeah I think it was because I ate some Clif Bars today, the limited edition ones I was saving up. They have an expiration date of May 2021, and I thought about how eventually, not now, but eventually it would be expired and Imagined it being soggy and rotten I guess. So I decided to just eat them, and I ate two at night, I guess they have some chocolate which contains caffeine which is what kept me awake.

I dunno. Either way as I'm typing this now, my eyes feel heavy and I feel sleepy, but I'm not sleepy. Hard to describe. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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