April 7, 2020

Zzzzzz.. huh?

I'm so tired. I guess both mentally, 'cause I barely sleep (fell asleep at around 7 a.m. and my sister started waking me up at around 9 a.m., but officially woke up at around 11. a.m.) and physically (doing chores around the house, but especially 'cause today I did my physical excercises @.@). When I was doing my art online course for both "Conception" & "Pixel Art" I swear I was literally falling asleep (it is 22.14 here, as of this moment).

My boyfriend was a little down in the dumps today, between not having a job and me not living with him right now, he feels sad. I tried cheering him up xD I don't know if it worked xD It didn't help that the reception half the time wasn't working much so basically half of the conversation was "What? Whatchu say? What?" xD He does feel better though, he has a neighborhood cat that visits him once in a while. He also spoils her, which I don't know why, bothers me so much: he gives her food (even though her collar say "do not feed" xD), he lets her sleep on the bed. He's such a silly goose :) He's sweet like that, he can't wait for us to live together and get a cat xD Even though I need a break from cats. The one I have right now (which is in Milano with my sister) is a jerk u.u Like if he could murder me or my sister, he would u.u The little turd u.u

So, I did my physical excercises today. Ran immediately to my father and mother and hugged them while I was all stinky and sweaty. They did not appreciate it xD haha And that is my positive note I'm going to end on xD

Uuuh :D I'm also going to try to make my own mask (and one for my mother D:) :) If anyone is interested here are two helpful links:

1) https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/apr/06/how-to-make-no-sew-face-mask-coronavirus

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUasSmReIVo

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 08, 2020

Oho where do you take you online course? One day I'm gonna try my hands on Pixel art as well.
Side note, your bf sounds like a sweetie

Posted On Apr 08, 2020

@Soulbun So I'm actually following this course online: https://www.udemy.com/course/anime-academy-characters-and-illustrations/ which costs only 12€ (I don't know where youuuu liiiiveeee xD) instead of 179€. They put sales on this site because they're encouraging people to stay in the house more and find a hobby :) And I was like "Why not?" xD
While for the Pixel Art: https://www.coursera.org/learn/pixel-art-video-games?action=enroll which is actually free :) When it asks you how do you want to pay technically at the bottom right corner there's a button "Audit" or you choose "Free course with no Certificate" xD I don't really remember.
You have to sign up on the site, which is free :D

He is a sweetie :) But sometimes ya gotta slap him xD

Posted On Apr 09, 2020

Wow thanks for the links, will definitely check it out. I from Malaysia hahaha so I feel the fee will be out of my budget once it's converted to Malaysian currency. But I'll definitely check out the free ones :)

Posted On Apr 09, 2020

@Soulbun No problem :) The pixel art, for a free course, is actually very good. They explain everything perfectly and you can even take notes on the website, so that if you need to review things you can just click and read them instead of looking for that specific explanation on the video xD

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