Feb. 17, 2021

Got More Information About Moving

8:34 AM (of Thursday, February 18th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, February 17th 2021 and normally today would be the day in which a lot of my homework was due and it would basically be me stressing out about it the whole and working on it last minute. Not this time though, because I dropped out of all my clasess last week. They are simply taking up too much of my time at the moment, having to do 4 hours of reading material and 2 hours of homework or whatever. I'm going to sign up again for next term, but not now.

In the morning today I had a call with a relocation business in PR where they help people move there and fill in any required paperworks, help them find property, and whatever. So I got to ask this person over the phone any questions I had in mind. I'm going to be creating a business entity in PR with a virtual address and my current company can hire it.

I had more discussions with my boss about it today, and basically they want to transition as quickly as possible. If I can create the business entity while in the U.S. still, they can hire that and give me my exit paperwork and whatever else is needed, and then I can just move to Puerto Rico. I made my date to leave on March 1st because I thought there was going to be a 2 week resignation process, but since my workplace is fine with just hiring the new company I create at any time, I can move to PR sooner.

However it's still very likely I'm only going to be flying there on March 1st because my dad has requested time off on March 1st and he's still not approved yet. Also I still have to do my taxes and my parent's taxes in the States. And I have to pay off whatever debts I have so I could have a clean slate.

Anyway I've been a mess the past few days, with plates and clothing piling up in my room. I've also not been tracking my time anymore and I've not been tracking my other dailies either. Just so much to worry about at the moment.

Written by JustMegawatt

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