Feb. 24, 2021

7 days journal challenge

Hi readers, I am glad if you read it. This journal is the result of a challenge I saw on Habitica, I saw that challenge then i clicked on that and the first thing I saw is the prize, one gem for winner, that a lot for a teenager like me. By the way, this is the first time in 10 years I write a journal or diary so I'm not expect that I have to win this challenge, I hope I can learn new things or even start a new habit such as write journal though. Back to the story, today is the day that I'll never forget, the first time since I moved to new education system I cried. I did that because I've lived without motivation and lived in depress surrounded me for several days. I cried because I hated my life and hated what I've done before. My whole dream recently is study overseas to a neverland, where everyone is different, where no one judge each other and no crime. A place where happy is surrounding between people. Now I'm fine now, I just finished a reading exercise in Cambridge IELTS 10 and I feel more comfortable and motivation than ever. Hopefully I and people, who are reading my journal be success and happy forever .

Thank you for reading !

Written by dảknight

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Posted On Feb 25, 2021

Hey man! I'm actually in the same challenge as you on Habitica! I started writing my journals around 2-3 days ago and I would get a sense of relief and accomplishment for writing these journal entries (I made them private, however D:). You know, I seem to be in the same situation as you, just feeling depressed and unmotivated. I still don't even know what to do even when I'm still in University. However, I'm sure both of us can get through this eventually! Nice to meet you man!

Posted On Feb 25, 2021

@AsianNut Thanks man ! I'm really glad when I see your comment and all I want to say is thank you for reading my journal even though my English is bad. Have a night day <3

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