Feb. 23, 2021

Beat Crystallized For The First Time

6:52 AM (of Wednesday, February 24th 2021)

Today is Tuesday, February 23rd 2021 and it's been a very hectic and busy day. In the morning I completed some work tasks before work even started, and submitted it first thing. I was planning on working on my 2020 taxes but got distracted by other activities and incorrectly believed there was plenty of time.

Anyway, I did do other financial related activities for my move to Puerto Rico, mainly just transferring money around and paying some bills. This was a hugely stressful day for me. I learned that I could go to Puerto Rico while still maintaining my job, so I can work there for a bit remotely before my current workplace transitions to hiring the business entity I create there.

One good thing that happened to me today is that I was able to beat the song Crystallized. I beat it twice in a row on Expert+, and it's one of the hardest songs in the entire game. Now that I've been able to beat it, and I'm not able to beat any of the other Camellia songs, I would say it's the "easiest" of the hardest songs in the game. Also, every other song is way too easy now. I'm pretty sure I can play every song in the game now basically, all except around 5 songs. And I could probably beat those 5 songs easily too though if I just practised.

Anyway, hugely stressful trying to move to a new place. The company helping me to relocate sent me a bill and it was for $8k. I think this will be the biggest purchase I've ever made in my life other than buying a car, and I have to pay this off in one go. They sent me a link and it basically asked for bank account info to withdraw from, no place to put in a credit card. I recently requested my bank to update my credit card's spending limit from $1000 to $10,000 because I knew this bill would come, but I'm not even able to use it.

Anyway this move is crazy. So many forms and other things to take care of and organize before moving.

Written by JustMegawatt

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