Feb. 21, 2021

Bought Book Update 1

My friend and I went on a book buying binge not too long ago and now we are slowly getting our books in. I don't have many books, so, with all this book buying, I have expanded my small library by over half. That may sound impressive, but I had around 12 books before this, so...yeah. Here is what I bought and brought in from the office:


This is the one with the blue sprayed edges, the other side of the dust jacket art, and the back & front art. It is so pretty and really gets me pumped to read such a thick boi.

Gyo & Uzumaki

These two horror graphic novels are...definitely something. There is also back & front cover art with these which definitely show what I am getting into. I'm both ready and not to read these. Tomie should be coming around March 01.

HP Lovecraft: Tales of Horror

Ah, the gold edges of the Canterbury Classics is so pretty!

The Wizard of Oz

The print is directly on the cloth. It's so pretty.

Dracula & Frankenstein

Such pop coming from these classic horror novels!