Feb. 27, 2021

Straight A's! Holy shit!

I'm the type of person to brag only when seriously inquired, but I would like to share this accomplishment of mine to show the wondrous effects of trying to become a better person.

The picture to the left is my report card for the second trimester of grade 10, and the picture to the right is my report card for the third quarter of grade 9. (Our school decided doing it trimesterly was better I guess.)

My grades for grade 9 may look good, but on inspection, you can see just how much my grades fluctuated, going up and down. The reason for that fluctuation was because I had a habit of not submitting MAJOR FUCKING REQUIREMENTS (performance tasks, projects, etc). And actually, some of my grades were just plain bad. Last year was the first time I ever got a grade in the 70s. (It was in Filipino.) Dangerously close to failing.

However, look at my grades for grade 10, and you will see a huge disparity.

Our school also decided to use letters instead of numbers for grades this year, but the sheer contrast in my grades is still very evident. My grades were much more consistent this year compared to last. That's due to the fact that I tried my best to not miss submitting any assessment. And, my general average is significantly higher at a whopping 93.38! That is a colossal 6 point increase from last year. It still seems insane to me that I managed to achieve that. I think that is the biggest statistic to show just how different I am now.

The person I was over a year ago was someone who thought they could get by because they were "smart". I never thought I had a massive ego, but when a teacher I respected immensely, Sir Louie, finally scolded me hard for not doing any work, I realized that I did.

That one event was the catalyst for me becoming a better person, and I am so thankful my flaws were finally pointed out to me. Thank you, Sir Louie. If not for you, I wouldn't be a person I am proud of, and I wouldn't be actively trying to become a better one every day.

Be kind and keep striving.

Written by Quarter

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Posted On Feb 27, 2021

Hi there! Wow, that is some major improvement in your grades and life in general! I am glad to see you have changed a bit because of your teacher. In addition, I am surprised you are taking Filipino! The fun fact is, I am of Filipino blood, however, neither my parents, my siblings or me know how to speak the language. Do keep it up, friend! I'll be rooting for ya.

Posted On Feb 27, 2021

@AsianNut Thanks fellow kababayan! I am pure Filipino; however, I don't consider myself fluent in it yet. I aim to, though!

Posted On Feb 27, 2021

Congrats~🤩✨ this made me motivate a bit to do my school works, as I'm currently unmotivated to do anything right now, so I came here to read some entries😅 You're doing great~ keep it up!😊
I'm also Filipino too hehe~ Laban lang💪

Posted On Feb 27, 2021

@s_t_4_r Thanks, you also keep striving!

Posted On Feb 27, 2021

Great job! It definitely takes some dedication to get these nice grades, so good on you for putting that in! I know during I school I was awful at giving a damn about grades, so it is nice to see that some people aren't throwing this time away. Again, great job, and keep going! :D

Posted On Feb 27, 2021

Congrats! Keep it up :D

Posted On Feb 28, 2021

Thank you guys! Your support really empowers me <3

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