Feb. 26, 2021

Journal Entry: Entrepreneurship class, Part-time job, and the new Pokemon games!!

Today was a great day today filled with some excitement and reliefs that I've experienced!

First of all, I had a good meeting with my classmates online from University regarding our plans for our entrepreneurship class project! It took about 2 hours long (which I kind of dozed off a bit during parts of the meeting), however, we were able to get things sorted out and planned for our next class meeting! During our meeting, we were discussing plans for our mock business plan which was called "Pono Farms." Our business is a vertical, hydroponic farm that is based in a city. Our plants grow vertically and hydroponically (which we use water without soil to grow our plants) and are sold fresh to customers who need fresh, assorted vegetables and fruits. As a group, we all agreed to this idea and it's a bit easier to center our business plan around this concept of farming instead of homelessness and plastic bottles! Afterwards, I was tasked to communicate with outside help in regards to our business plan. As a person who has not talked with strangers for a while and kind of sucks to elongate a long conversation with them, I was a bit hesitant at first but I have to brave through it for the sake of our group business project. I cannot explain our business plan further as it's kind of a secret but this is a great challenge for me to speak with other people other than my family and friends!

Afterwards, I also took a trip (as I was hitching a ride with my sister) to go to a nearby shopping centre regarding my part-time job. Before the pandemic started, I used to go to University to take classes physically and afterwards head to work at the shopping centre near University after my classes have all been wrapped up. It was a great way for me to focus on school while working a part-time job! Not to mention, my part-time job had a lot of Japanese tourists that I could have great conversations with and even help out! It was the perfect balance of life I had until the pandemic killed it. Now, I'm just sitting at home just focusing on school while unable to work at my part-time job which was near the University I attended. Long story short, I decided to ask my manager at my part-time job for relocating to the store in the shopping center near where I live and afterward got an opportunity to speak with the manager there.

Once I got there, however, something was a bit off but paid off in the end. I ended up taking a trip to the nearby shopping center near my home where the store I was supposed to relocate to was there and surprisingly, the manager at that store did not have any knowledge about me meeting him. I was confused as I thought my manager at the University shopping center store already contacted him in advance but I guess there was some sort of miscommunication there. I first asked the manager of the nearby shopping center store if there were any open spots for work, however, it was full as they kept all of their seasonal workers. So it was a short trip but worth it in the end. Since they said they were full of workers, that gave me the opportunity to keep my job at the shopping center's store that was near my University! Ironically, it was in my favor XD

Aside from that, has anybody heard about the new Pokemon games that are said to release in late 2021 and early 2022? I was stunned to have seen the Pokemon direct come out with information of the new Generation 4 remakes and a sort of spin-off Pokemon game alongside it! In regards to the remakes, they are renamed Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (my favorite version), and looking at the gameplay footage, Game Freak Inc. with ILCA (the company that said to have developed Pokemon home) have kept it original while on the Switch! I was so happy to have seen the generation 4 games get some recognition and I do not care if anyone talks bad about it! It's my generation game and mine alone! Moreover, I was also stunned by the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus game.

Now this game was unexpected! I did not expect Game Freak Inc. to develop a spin-off, generation 4 game that had Breath of the Wild vibes to it. From the gameplay footage, everything felt real and alive (which is what I assumed was influenced by Breath of the Wild). The Pokemon seem to be well animated too and the game is said to have an ATB system where a gauge is filled to attack and you have to wait for sort of thing! This is something experimental Game Freak has come up with and I can't wait to see how it fits my expectations as the best Pokemon game! In addition, I wonder if I could catch Arceus and use it to battle? That would be sick as well!

Well, that is it for my long journal entry! First of all, what do you guys think about the Generation 4 remakes and the spin-off game? Does it appeal to you?

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership of the images. These images are for the purpose for showing what I am talking about! Please search it up on Youtube for the clarification! Thank you!

Written by AsianNut

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