April 9, 2020


Today was a hard day. I'm still struggling with yesterday's emotions and I don't think I'll bounce back quickly.

But on the bright side, people I know are still progressing in their lives. Like my cousin who's graduating high school and is now looking for a university, to my friend who had his Hippocratic Oath ceremony done via zoom. It's really great how lives can still continue amidst what's happening now..

Hope everyone keeps safe and healthy.

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 10, 2020

Are you feeling better today :) ?

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Haaiiii @pinenutes thankyou so much for asking.. Now I'm very much better~ I actually have some hand written journals that i'll be uploading soon to fill in my absence :) posting soon~ hehehe

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Sure :D I'll be there to reeeead it >:3 well unless you make it private xD haha

Posted On Apr 13, 2020

@pinenutes Hehehe, so far my writings will still stay public xD I haven't written anything with people's names yet so I think it'll be fine hehehehe
Thankyou for readiingg! <3

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