Feb. 28, 2021

Completed My Taxes Today

10:36 PM (of Monday, March 1st 2021)

Today is Sunday, February 28th 2021 and it's the last day of February this year. Yesterday (Saturday), I got started on my taxes and I was able to complete it today. It always stresses me out to complete them, I remember my taxes being a nightmare to complete a few years back, and so that memory has never left me.

It took me basically the whole day today to complete my taxes. I started today in the morning and didn't finish until right before midnight. Of course I got distracted with other activities along the way. though not any video games since I haven't been playing Beat Saber much lately after beating Crystallized twice in a row that one day. I instead got distracted with this one anime called Case Closed and this other one called Katanagatari. I've been a little bored at times lately and I would put these programs on to watch, and they get very entertaining and distracting. I've also watched some Boruto and it's another good anime show.

I'm not sure why I'm watching these programs. Maybe because they're so extremely easy to access. There are some cartoon websites that just upload all these anime and cartoons for streaming and there's thousands of shows on there. I've seen a bunch of older shows too such as Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, etc. Shows I grew up watching. No point really in watching any of these shows, but I just have nothing else to do sometimes, or, I feel like there's nothing else to do even though there certainly is.

Anyway that was my day today, nothing remarkable except I completed my taxes and submitted them.

Written by JustMegawatt

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