March 1, 2021

Completed Parent's Taxes, Renewed Habitica Challenges, Played GTA V

10:52 PM

Today was supposed to be my last day in the States for a while since I was planning on flying to Puerto Rico today. I got my covid-19 test on Saturday, around 3 PM, and I was supposed to get a Negative result within 72 hours of flying. Well I didn't get any results throughout the whole day today until 5 PM, so I couldn't book any flights and at that point it was better to just wait until the next day. So I'm flying tomorrow.

My dad ended up getting his results first, at around 4 AM this morning, and he was ready to leave, so throughout the day my dad kept telling me to call the clinic and ask them if I could get my results. I probably called them 5 times throughout the day and my dad called them once, and we got the same answer each time, that the results take 1-2 days and we just have to wait.

The people on the phone were basically just support guys and they had no influence on how quickly the test results would get mailed out.

In the morning the first thing I did was complete my parent's taxes. They just gave me the tax forms they got mailed this year, and I just put them in TurboTax, and then it was done. It took me an hour or two to complete both of theirs, whereas around two whole stressful days to complete mine.

After that I renewed the Habitica challenges I hosted, and I think that was the fastest renewal ever. For some reason I was just a lot faster today. I completed it in around 27 minutes, which was pretty fast. I think it usually takes me an hour, but I usually have some distracting stuff in the background playing. This time I didn't even have music playing.

After that it was just a waiting game. I took today and tomorrow off work, so I technically didn't have any work today, but I still signed into work anyway and I tried to complete this one thing I did on Friday, which was mostly completed except one issue. I still wasn't able to resolve that issue even today, even though the problem seems so simple the solution is so elusive.

Throughout the day I just chilled at home basically, watching some Katanagatari, attempting to work a bit (again, I had work off today), and browsing through real estate listings in Puerto Rico. There are some properties I really have my eyes set on. There's a bunch of $70,000 condominiums I could get, which is pretty inexpensive if I got them with a 30 year mortgage. The advantage to condominiums is their minimum maintenance and hassle, I basically don't have to worry about anything except basic indoor chores such as washing dishes, laundry, and some wiping and dusting every weekend.

Of course there's also regular homes I looked at, but I dunno, they just don't seem that attractive to me. The properties are built differently than in the States. Every home has metal bars in front of its doors and windows (for the doors it can open and close, so it's like a second door in front of the original). Even inside some condo hallways there's with a metal cage right in front of each door, so there's literally two doors to unlock before you can even go in your home. I'd feel like I was just putting myself inside a cage.

Also another characteristic is that these homes are all built right next to each other, most of the time without much gap between one building and another. There are exceptions, but I would say in the city at least, most homes are built this way. So to me it doesn't feel very attractive to live so close right next to someone else.

5:15 AM (of Tuesday, March 2nd 2020)

Anyway after my test results came back negative, my dad ordered plane tickets right away and found a hotel. He already had his suitcase packed and everything tonight. Not me. I'm writing this in the morning and I still have to pack up a bit. I've packed up my clothes and other basics already, but I'm still not ready to go just yet.

Another thing I did tonight was I played some GTA V. I just got very bored again, and it was a way to pass the time. I play GTA V as my "rich person simulator" game, since it's basically like that. I played everything on max settings on my new computer and the performance was unbelievable, no lag at all, and a very realistic looking game. Also the city was finely detailed and everything just felt so real in that game. I like that there's also a first person mode, bumping up the realism and making it seem like a simulator even more.

Anyway I have to prepare, so that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Mar 04, 2021

Hope everything goes well for you and you get settled in quickly!

Posted On Mar 06, 2021

@iyazo Thank you, going well so far, everyone speaks Spanish only! Will update in my journal soon :)

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