March 2, 2021

2 - 3 - 21

I fucked up. I found the pro ana side of tumblr and clicked on the tag. I spent hours scrolling through the pictures. Fuck.

Well, it's not like I had been going particularly well health wise... I hope the worst this will do to me is shock me back into my planned routine (eat more greens, go on more hikes and walks, drink more water, etc.)

Other than that, I just need to get my grades up before the trimester ends and get ahead on studying for my APs. I've been signing up for quite a lot of lottery type giveaways. With those and waiting for college replies I feel like... idk just not okay.

Yeah I guess my plan for tomorrow is to work on my homework, to study, and to go on a hike. Even if I just do 10 mins of each activity I'll be good. As a reward I'll bake a loaf of bread.

Written by ZED

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