March 3, 2021

february gratitude

february is a short month, but it felt extra short this year. it's really march again, wow

  1. Lucky Taro had two merle puppies! good job girl
  2. mmm sweet potato & cauliflower tots
  3. raging loop be ragin' (hi sheep! also lmaoooo badger)
  4. feels great when people compliment me on my den design
  5. lindsey stirling - I wonder as I wander
  6. feels good to be making my own lunch, even if it's just a smoked sausage quesadilla
  7. chocolate milk!
  8. sunlight on fresh snow, and there's been enough melting that I can walk on my balcony again. glorious day
  10. beat Raging Loop. first book of 2021 complete! later than usual, but it took 26 hours, so no regrets
  11. 10K steps before 10 am!
  12. we cleared light rampant MULTIPLE times like the ffxiv GODS we are
  13. my coat is a champ, even in single-degree weather
  14. (but I'm still glad to be working from home in this cold snap. a 15-minute balcony walk is plenty of outdoors for me)
  15. BACON cheeseburgers truly a culinary masterpiece. especially with caramelized onions sauteed in the bacon grease
  16. they changed hunting so that it's more dependent on stats. I love stats and I love this update. lots of people are complaining in chat and winter starts tomorrow so I'm hoping to make a killing on food sales
  17. also the update seems to have stopped my hunters from constantly getting injured on large prey hunts woo
  18. Wyrdwulf started up the egg gladiator arena and I am unreasonably excited about this. go Rooibos and Trefoil!
  19. impulse-reading a book: Into the Wild (Warriors #1). so far it's not stellar but I'm glad to be in the impulse-reading mood again
  20. today is a holiday?? nobody told me?? I only realized it after lunch when I was checking my work email and wondering why there was no daily news bulletin?? oh well LOL any holiday is a good day
  21. ngl isabel is an ugly base (that's why it's rare, potatoes get chased lmao) but I love the "isabel is rarer than fox" meme
  22. saw a kid playing in the snow
  23. the delicious smell of frying bacon. mmm
  24. still reveling in my newfound power to draw profile views of humans
  25. a 3.5 hour nap. no apologies or regrets, I'm recovering from a cold and this was the rest my body needed and now I feel great
  26. also this sleeping bag makes such a snug blanket, it's the best
  27. I appreciate how much vgmc5 streaming has become a thing. hgr streaming justice guy, newbie streaming rabi-ribi - no matter what it is, it's good times
  28. omg raubritter's a granddad
  29. walmart groceries came! better late than never
  30. visiting home! playing pokemon go with Dad. eating Mom's pork chops. discussing my latest case around the dinner table. the good life
  31. running through a snowy field
  32. pokemon marathon with Dad for the Kanto event. soo many quests soo many shinies (ft. shiny Articuno)
  33. Raubritter reached max level! project sarder let's goooo
  34. yesterday reached a balmy 35 degrees, melting a bunch of balcony snow. I now have a broad path to walk instead of being crunched up next to the air conditioning units. broad is the path that leads to fitbit steps or something
  35. threw out some of the cardboard boxes that have been sitting in the living room for months, AND cleaned up / organized the bathroom closet. feels great
  36. loving this spring weather. 40 degrees woo
  37. omg Lucky Taro hit this one out of the park. THREE denims, a lilac, and a nocturne. and they're all girls. and the biggest denim is 490
  38. and the very next day Snickerdoodle gets me a sarder. woooo
  39. all the art for this lunar event is amazing
  40. also I've been thinking "I want my next stud to be Raubritter's son but I also want him to be blue" and then BAM. event with BLUE BASE APPLICATOR. thank you wolf gods
  41. slay the spire! (I did NOT slay the spire. I died to the champ in act 2. fun game though)

Written by Achaius

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