April 5, 2020

Lazy Sunday, New Shower Method

00:27 (of Saturday, April 11th 2020)

Today is Sunday, April 5th 2020 and for the most part it was a repeat of yesterday.

06:59 (of Saturday, April 11th 2020)

Looking at my browsing history for today, I watched a lot of cycling videos on YouTube. It seems like I researched some bike part prices on eBay like rim brake prices vs disc brake prices. I also watched some old school YouTubers I haven't seen in a long time such as OGMizen and Veganimation. I just wanted to see how they were doing since it's been around 3 years since I last watched any of their videos. I just looked through my subscription list and saw them.

23:20 (of Saturday, April 11th 2020)

Yeah I don't recall doing much else today. If I went out for a walk today, likely, then it was the day that I came back home and was sweating a lot. I was very hot and decided to take a cold shower. Before this though, I shaved my beard and only kept my mustache. I shaved my underarms too since I wasn't taking showers or changing clothes nor putting on deodorant and was starting to smell when I sweated a lot. I actually like my musk though. I've not gotten any complaints about smelling bad even though if I lifted my arms I could smell myself, and I was next to my parents a bunch of times, even when I hadn't changed clothes in a while. But yeah I decided to shave my underarms because it helps dissipate the smell.

The electronic trimmer I used for years actually broke on me today, if today was the day that I did this stuff. I spent maybe 30 minutes taking it apart, cleaning it, and then trying to put it back together. I was able to put it back, but there was this necessary spring component that I neglected because it didn't seem necessary, and it still turned on and shaved after putting it back. But the spring component was necessary, it was required to "push" the blades upward so that it was able to cut hair properly, otherwise it would work until it was "pushed down" again which is instantly after making contact with anything, and then since there was no spring, it would remain pushed down and wouldn't cut anything. So it didn't cut anything. Hard to describe. After I realized that I tried putting the spring back on, but I couldn't and just gave up.

So I relied on a traditional shaver, one of those Gillette looking disposable shavers, except it wasn't disposable. The blades were disposable, but the handle itself wasn't. Anyway I used that to give myself a clean shave for my beard and my underarms instead of the electric razor.

After that it was time to take a shower, I was still sweating a bit at this point, or at least, I just felt very hot having come from outdoors. I came up with this new showering technique where I put the water to the hottest setting, but instead of waiting for it to get hot, I just go right in. The water was very cold of course, but it didn't feel that cold since I felt very hot. The cool water actually felt refreshing, and when it transitioned to hot, it felt even nicer. I used soap and shampoo during the hot water phase to open up the pores, and then when I was done, I turned the setting to the coldest setting and then experienced the cold as my pores closed up. When the water became the coldest setting, I counted to 60 before turning it off.

I've done this one other time since then, and it's refreshing. The first 20 seconds always feels like the longest, and since I wait until the very coldest setting comes up, there's this transition from hot to warm to cool to cold, and I feel tempted to start counting once it becomes cool, but I know I have to wait until it's the coldest to really experience it. Anyway the cold water felt so good. It felt so right, especially after that transition.

Afterwards I felt so clean. I don't feel so clean when I come from a hot shower though, because most of us are probably sweating while taking a hot shower and just don't realize it. The cold shower feels like it "cleanses", it feels so nice.

Anyway that was my day today. After that, I don't recall doing anything else special.

Written by JustMegawatt

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