March 8, 2021

New YouTube Toy Review Video and Midterm Exams Discussion

Today, I had a sort of productive day where I was practicing driving with my uncle around town by taking him places where he needed to go. Moreover, I was doing some studying for my midterm exam that is being held tomorrow. The most relieving thing about tomorrow is the fact that I only have one midterm to study for and the rest is on March 11, which I still have some time. I was looking at my syllabi to see when's the midterm for this week and I mistook my BUS 314 exam to be tomorrow. I believe (and I pray) that hopefully for that class and the remaining other classes give us some valuable study sessions.

Something that I regret doing was the fact that I was not studying during the weekend, which was the perfect time to study for a big, upcoming test. It's always been a big issue to me where I would always hold back my assignments and study sessions until it's close to the deadline, always having the mindset of "Well, I still have time! It's not like it's the end of the world or anything!" Well bro, it's now becoming the end of the world for me. Next time, however, I'll try to get myself in order using more of Habitica's and AYearAgo.Today's planning functionalities to get me back to being productive. Habitica to this day has been helping me achieve my goals bit by bit and I do plan on using more of the app as time goes by.

Aside from having a little bit of pressure with schooling and productivity, I was thinking about producing a new YouTube video about one of the products I have bought before during Christmas. This YouTube video is gonna talk about another Beyblade Burst Pro Series product that I wanted to cover before but did not have the motivation during that time. I'm still, however, stuck as to how I can make a really good YouTube Toy Review video, however, I'm going to try to dedicate some time and research into making good toy review videos!

Hopefully, you guys are doing good out there during COVID! Let's work together to keep ourselves from getting sick by social distancing and wearing those masks!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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