March 9, 2021

[redacted]'s lament

"...I know that's a lot to take in," said Kan, after rolling out what felt like a ten-minute explanation, "but this fight is mechanically dense."

As they say, every Shiva prog party is a Light Rampant prog party, but we've made slow progress over the past couple weeks. The add phase is still a work in progress. Shiva casts Shattered World, splitting us into two light parties (Dante/HGR/Luis/me and Kan/Silver/numbers/newbie) and then each party has to kill a series of minions before they reach the central crystal. Basically a tower defense minigame. If more than three minions get through, it's a wipe. Also there are tethers to grab and enemies to silence (it's my JOB to silence the second earthen aether as it's casting stoneskin) and both Dante/Kan are calling out things for their respective sides and it's complete chaos.

It's a fairly tight dps check and requires a lot of coordination. Last week we were mostly stuck there, but we got through once to see [FFXIV spoilers redacted] [it was really cool though]. Today we started actually learning the mechanics for the second half of the fight, which is what prompted Kan's extended lecture. As usual, I absorbed barely anything. But I love how [redacted]

Also, Dante said that it hurt his feelings that Shiva always calls us fools at the start of the fight. numbers said, "If eight little kids kept attacking me and getting beaten up, I'd call them fools too."

Written by Achaius

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