March 9, 2021

white stone pipe break

(I keep forgetting to post these...)

January 19 – Roommate: "Remember when Prometheus brought us fire? I miss Prometheus."

Here we are, standing outside in the snow at half past midnight for the biweekly fire alarm. It's comical how little people care about these fire alarms. Besides me and my roommate, there's only one other person out here. I think I've written this exact same journal entry before, minus the part about Prometheus. Well, it's still comical.

p.s. there was no fire

January 21 – newbie still has his apartment "quiet hour" at 10 pm, and it's still a huge pain when we're trying to hang out. HGR: "Why hasn't Joe Biden banned quiet hours yet? He could just say quiet hours are banned in California."

January 25 – It's been gloomy all day. A winter storm is coming. If this were a normal day, the boss would pop into our office and say, "There's a storm coming, you guys had better get home early." Of course none of that applies now. I'm feeling suddenly nostalgic, but of course I already am home early, so there's nothing to complain about.

January 26 – Daily wisdom from HGR: "If you rearrange 'us food,' you get 'doofus.' "

February 24 – they talk about having money burning a hole in one's pocket. I have pizza burning a hole in my pocket because Dad got us SIX frozen pizzas. thanks Dad! looks like it's pizza night

February 27 – A few days ago, Mom was like, "Your apartment is a dump" to which I was like "It's fine, really."

Today, the toilet overflowed and I had to mop up all the water and scrub and disinfect the entire bathroom floor. Maybe it is kind of a dump. To be fair, this is the first time in a few months the toilet's done this.

edit (3/1): and today we had another unannounced water shutdown for a few hours around lunchtime. yeesh

edit (3/4): the water's out again today! but this time, it's not the apartment's fault. there was a water main pipe break. the village is a dump?!

Written by Achaius

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