March 9, 2021

Midterms update and the use of the Planner

Today was a relieving day, passing my economics midterm exam (barely) with a 78-79%. I was so glad that I at least got a decent grade off of the midterm exam today. The fact is, even though I studied a lot last night, I needed to rely on the open-book of the test to get myself a decent grade to pass the class. Truthfully, I tried copying and printing down every Pearson problem that I worked on for the class and used that as an advantage to get myself a good grade. Luckily my Professor probably did not care to ask and he did say it's open book on the internet and such! Now that this is out of my way, I can now focus on my other midterms (2 more actually) that are being held on Thursday.

However, I seem to find the planner function of AYearAgo.Today to be useful. As of yesterday, I have been trying to use this function to help me get organized throughout the day! I may use this alongside using Habitica as a way to have reminders of what I need to do! The truth is, I have been growing a little anxious every day about missing an assignment. Recently, I missed the deadline for an important quiz that I needed to do for my economics class and because of that, I needed to focus more.

After a day of use, it seems like the perfect tool for me to catch up on things that I need to do in life. So maybe, I'll think about using this more often! Welp, that's all from me! Hopefully everyone's doing well out there!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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