March 10, 2021

Rain and Hail Today

I cleaned my room last night. Decluttered, organized, vacuumed, changed the sheets. I've been consistently busy between my jobs, schoolwork, and chores, but fortunately I seem to be keeping up with it all. Still it hasn't left me much time to for activities that aren't in my normal schedule, so when my evening class was cancelled last night, I decided to take advantage and do some much needed cleaning. Beatrice was scared of the vacuum, even though I put her in another room. She didn't come back into the room until almost midnight, but she was right back to being under my bed this morning when I woke up.

Today has been a standard day. I've spent the majority of the morning and afternoon studying. It has been raining though, so it gives me a change of background since my desk is by the window. It even hailed briefly this afternoon while I was between classes. The older dogs were not fans of this. Lucky doesn't even like drizzle, much less rain. He refuses to go outside until the rain pauses. Kayla is more tolerant of the rain, she's always loved playing since she was a puppy. It's very cold today though, so her joints seem stiff. Darcy is having a grand time with the weather. He runs about trying to catch raindrops. This enthusiasm also extends to hail. The cats are simply grateful for warm fluffy blankets to nap in. Between naps, they climb on my desk to watch rain fall outside the window, but my room is very cold so they return to their blankets quickly.

Written by Seeker

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