April 10, 2020

Face.... Off!

Took a break today :D Well, I still went out grocery shopping, but once I arrived back home, showered, had lunch, I turned into a lazy cat an just chilled on my bed.

Let's start with a weird rant now:

The government made it mandatory for all its citizens to face masks when we go inside closed shops and supermarkets. It's not a bad thing (well there are pros and cons, but per se,it really is not a bad thing), but I do have issues with face mask that they give out for free. So in very short words: they're bad. They are really bad. So image a sock that reaches your shin, ok? Now cut that in half do three slits on both ends that you will use to hold it up with your ear. Now imagine it not being a sock, but a material that somewhat resembles a tissue from a kitchen roll. To be fair, the material is probably good enough to absorb the virus (they say the kitchen roll is good as the virus goes throught the cloth and stops the virus from reaching your mouth), but my issue is how it is made. There are three slits for boths sides of the ear, so that way you can adjust it well to your face and yet maybe my face is made wrong because even though I put it in the middle slit, it kept freeing itself on one se (the first slit was too small and the outer one was too big for my stupid face xD), so half the time I kept putting my hands on my face to fix it; it doesn't close under your chin; the fabric kept making my nose itch xD

Like I'm glad the government cares enough to give us face masks, but if someone were to use them wrong and they get in contact with someone/thing that has the Covid-19 and they take off the mask badly there is a risk that they get contaminated. I'm worried, because there are some people (like my mother) that just put a mask on their own face all willy nilly (cause they're not "afraid" of the virus; i.e. they think they're special either 'cause they think the virus won't touch them, one way or another) and so I already know that they have a high risk of getting the virus and then contaminate others. I can't give full blame obviously to the government for these weird masks, they are doing their best (albeit in a weird confusing way). I also did my best by going to a pharmacy and purchase a face mask (the kind that we see in all those medical drama tv series or movie) to then force my mother use them when she will go out and do her grocery shopping. Like it still depends on her to take care of herself, but I feel a little less anxious with the masks that I bought. I, on the other hand, will continue using the free face masks, and sooner or later use the one I made a few days ago.

On a happier note:

I called my boyfriend to try to cheer him up (he is turning into somewhat of a sad ameba and feels like he doesn't have this need to do anything, which worried me a bit), I have no idea if it worked though xD But I think in the end I did, once I switched the call to a videochat on whatsapp. I didn't even have time to say "hello" that I started laughing like a crazy idiot:

1) I don't know what but the video call started out with him muting himself, so for half an hour I kept talking by myself, telling him "You put yourself on mute, man. How am I going to hear you if you don't unmute yourself? Are you videochatting with someone on the pc? Is that why you don't want me to hear the conversation? Well too bad, man! I'm going to distrupt your hypothetical call until you unmute yourself!" and he just kept talking to himself. I would see his mouth move and you could see through the movement of his lips saying "No, I am not mute". And I just started laughing and bugging him to unmute himself. They you just see his head snap towards me (like "GOSH") and he saw on his screen that he muted me and once he undid it he said "You could've told me that I muted myself". I laughed, but if was right beside me I was going to slap his arm. He was lucky xD

2) He would not focus on his face. The only thing I would see on the screen was his forehead xD And (obviously) I would bug him about it (in a jokingly way) and everytime he kept trying to fix the camera, the result would always be me seeing only his forehead xD At a certain point, I kid you not, he managed to put his phone in a position that would show his cute potato face, and the phone just splatted face down on the table. I was dieing!

Well, maybe you who reads it might not find it amusing, but it did put me in a great mood and I got to see his wonderful smile, so this made my day and most of my worries go away :)

Hope all of you are doing well !

P.S. The title of this blog entry is actually also the name of a movie starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. It is a weird movie xD

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 13, 2020

Hey! Good news about your government trying to do something about it. Quite sad that it just looks like they're kinda underfunded to give out better ones..
I've been having issues with my office because the central government (president essentially and the ministers) is taking too long to agree on things with the local governments (provinces and such). And well, my local gov wants to reduce people going out an give better protection to those who needs to go out, they have no approval from the central gov and was just told to let people out nonetheless.

So happy that you can still keep each other company despite being in quarantine~ my BF also calls me before we go to sleep and it really does boost my mood as well :D With you both a long and happy relationship! <3

P.S. I know that movie! Hahahahaha I found it to be just okay~ The plot is quite acceptable with just weird choice of actions.

Posted On Apr 17, 2020

@shaiduck You know, at least they are trying xD The "good" news is that maybe in May we will be free from the quarantine and we can finally walk around, but still with the mask on xD haha It's a step :D Oh jeez, your government sounds just as confused as my government xD haha
I also wish you a happy relationship :3 He sounds sweet if he can make you feel better :3
What were the weird choices xD?

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

That is great news! Yeaayy~ Hopefully it'll be safe enough then ♡︎ And yeaaahh, my government is super confused cause they can't agree on things~ Hahahaha
Thankyou thankyouuu ♡︎ he does x3

I just somehow feel that the action scenes are kinda off~ and the agency too wasn't as sophisticated as they were set up to be in my opinion~ Hehehe.. I might be wrong theoretically but that's just how I felt while watching the movie x'P

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

@shaiduck Dude, my government is STILL confused xD One week they say "masks are useless", then the next week it became "WEAR YOU MASKS PEOPLE" or "Yeah, people can walk around in the street as long as they keep their 2 meter distance", then "PEOPLE! DO NOT WALK IN THE STREETS!" xD haha They still do that, but I think people just started doing their own thing xD The worst that could happen is that you get fined xD

Oh, I thought it was weird that John Travolta just randomly adopted Nicolas' Cage son without asking his wife xD Like even her face was like "Dude. Wtf?" xD haha

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

Oh yeaaahh fines are a thing here now too~ Hahahaha.. Looks like my government is somewhat learning from others~ yeaayyy X'D

Hahahahaha yeaaahhh that part too~ Though I guess behind the scenes they just explained the thing? IDK. HAHAHAA~

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