April 10, 2020

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We finally got more work projects last Friday, one for each of us. So our long vacation is over. RIP vacation 3/13/20 – 4/2/20, you had a good run.

Now that I've been working from home for a week, all the minor, irritating flaws in my home office setup have taken center stage. For instance:

  1. No dual monitor setup means that I can't see my research and my writing at the same time. Lots of alt-tabbing.
  2. My keyboard is kinda jank, so when I type an "i" or an "o" it often also types a "9" and I have to delete it. Sometimes I have to delete 10+ characters a sentence. (Other times it works just fine, but I haven't quite figured out the technique. It seems to get worse when I'm typing quickly.)
  3. My desktop doesn't have Microsoft Word, so I'm writing everything in Wordpad and will have to fix the formatting later, on my old laptop. My old laptop has its own set of issues, which is why I don't just type everything there in the first place. (Deleted eighteen 9s from that sentence.) Though admittedly, using my laptop alongside my desktop would solve the dual-monitor issue...

But on the bright side, I don't have to wake up early for an hour-long commute; I can take afternoon naps; I can work while rocking out to Bahamut's theme. So, y'know, tradeoffs.

I'll eventually have to go downtown to get the Devlin draft stuck on my work hard drive, which I'm not looking forward to. There are over 6000 confirmed cases in the city proper. I was hoping to just wait until this is all over (per our panelists, who said they're not dealing with circulation until this is over), but at this point, who knows when that will be?

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Apr 11, 2020

My keyboard also sucks, if it makes you feel better xD

Posted On Apr 11, 2020

High five, fellow bad-keyboard-person!

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