April 11, 2020

Another Day in the World of the Corona Virus

Well, I'm stuck at home again. I honestly wish I could be back at school, and see Patrick, my boyfriend. Home is my nightmare, and school is my escape. I consider my friends and Patrick to be more of a family than my own family ever is or was. My parents, although they'll never admit it, abuse me. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. I've tried getting, help before, but I'm 21 years old, now, about to be 22. Frankly no one cares about abuse unless you are physically being abused.That is, of course, not to diminish the pain of anyone who has been physically abused, but still. And I would know. I cried out for help, and the system turned a blind eye to me. Where is justice for those kids who have to walk on eggshells around their parents? The ones that are afraid to go home? The ones who are bullied, despite their hardships? There is none. There never has been. But I'm studying to be a psychologist, and I hope to help find justice for those who seek it. Because I was one of the very people who justice eluded, who has had to suffer as a result. But no more, not if I have anything to say about it-no children will have to suffer like I did. At least not under my watch. I know this is big talk, but it has been my vow ever since I decided to go into psychology. And I WILL NOT BREAK IT.

Written by BlackRoses612

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Posted On Apr 13, 2020

Hang in there <3 what you strive for is a big task but I'm rooting that you'll achieve it.
I agree that no child has to walk on eggshells around their parents because children no matter what age still look up to their parents for comfort and guidance, and it's not supposed to be the other way around. Growing up in that type of environment is tough and one way or another I'm sure you'll find a solution for it <3
I was in your position once, not too long ago too to be honest. And it took a huge "happening" really to finally get me and my parents in the same page finally after years of feeling trapped in a house that doesn't feel like home.
Well, what I'm trying to say is, take it one day at a time. You'll find a solution to it I'm sure. You're in psych after all~ You would know how to better articulate yourself when facing the problem <3 , unlike the emotional wreck that I was when the "happening" happened ~

Posted On Apr 14, 2020

Thank you for your support, @Shaiduck. It's good to know that what I'm going through is not unique. And that I'm not to blame. It's also good to know that there are good people like you out there who won't shame me for admitting my struggles. Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

Posted On Apr 16, 2020

Admitting our own struggles is the first step in getting better <3 When you admit it then you can asses the situation and find a solution to it. You're doing great! And you should be proud of yourself for taking this first step. Thankyou too for your kind words <3 and if ever you need someone to talk to you can reach me in habitica or instagram. I use the same username :) DM me whenever you need a friend

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