March 17, 2021

17.03.2021 Plant Diary

  • Ficus Benjamina 56 cm

Has grown by 3 cm since last week

  • Red pepper [11; 25 cm]

Has grown by 1 cm. Harvest - 2 pieces.

  • Yellow pepper [23; 32 cm]

The biggest one grew by 4 cm.

  • Pasley 14 cm.

Has grown by 1 cm. It's tasty, I started to use parsley for salads.

  • Tangerine [2,8; 5; 3]
  • Avocado: the seed has cracked, but I don't see the root.
  • Cactus [14; 12; 15,3; 14]

I took off most of the sprouts. Part of them will be planted, another one is trash. They are dead.

Also, I changed the water in the cup with avocado. I plan to do fertilizing today and plant the cactus sprouts.

Written by NastyMell

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