April 11, 2020

balcony log III

(Saturday 4/4): Wasn't watching where I was going and accidentally rammed my hand into a concrete wall, drawing blood. The outdoors is dangerous.

(Sunday 4/5): Woke up early, took a hot shower, and headed out to my balcony. Starting the day right. Clouds were drifting across the sun, causing my strip of sunlight to slowly flicker on and off. Not enough for a cat to properly bask in.

(Tuesday 4/7): A medley of sirens sounded in the distance, like a wolfpack chorus. After a while I realized the sirens weren't dying down, as you'd expect from police cars or ambulances driving past. Were they severe weather sirens instead? (We live in tornado country.) Spooked, I hurried inside and checked the village website. No alerts were listed. But I could still hear the sirens howling outside.

(Wednesday 4/8): Seagulls bickered in the distance, sounding like small children. ("MOMMM he touched my bread crust" "MOMMM he won't share, make him share") It's a tough time for birds, I imagine. The loop is full of pigeons, round and carefree, who live off dropped and discarded food. Once I saw a bunch of them feasting on a slice of deep dish pizza that someone dropped in a flower bin. Now that we're gone, what are they even eating?

(Friday 4/10): Sunny and cold. I was underdressed for the occasion. Within five minutes I was freezing. I decided to be stubborn and stay out anyway. It's good to be cold sometimes.

I'm losing track of time. I started writing something in my head about how the parking lot was quiet, as one would expect early on a Sunday morning, then realized it's actually Friday. On the plus side, I have solved the tree dilemma using TECHNOLOGY. I took a photo of the parking lot tree, then went back inside and magnified it on my computer screen. Those are definitely blossoms, not berries.

Written by Achaius

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