March 22, 2021

Second chance

One of my teacher emailed me last Friday about my unsubmitted assignment. She was requiring me to have an excuse letter signed by my parents explaining why I wasn't able to comply with the said requirement, in order to accept my late homework. I didn't have a valid reason because I literally did my homework last minute and ran out of time. I was contemplating whether to tell the truth or not, so I consulted my friends and told me to tell the truth instead. And so I did. I expressed in the email that I wasn't able to pass my homework for I have crammed it, therefore I ran out of time, and that I'm willing to accept the consequence of having a zero grade for not complying with the said deadline.

Two days passed, and I received an email that she appreciates my honesty on why I wasn't able to submit my homework. She told me that she would give me another chance to send the homework via email, however the highest grade that I would get would only be 70% of the total score.

When I read the message, I felt like crying, but tears weren't falling down. I've accepted my fate of having a zero grade on that homework, but she still gave me a chance. I won't promise, but I will try my best to be diligent with my task next time. Thank you so much!

Written by s_t_4_r

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Posted On Mar 24, 2021

That's great that you got another chance! 70% is a lot better than nothing for sure

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