March 22, 2021

Organized Emails and Slept Very Early

5:51 AM (of Tuesday, March 23rd 2021)

Today is Monday, March 22nd 2021 and it's the first workday of the week. In the morning I played Beat Saber for about an hour, and then washed the dishes which was quick to do. I cooked up some beans and rice and played Secrets of Grindea in the meantime while the food cooked.

Sounds like a boring day, because it was. It was a somewhat disciplined day though. I got some work done, although not that much. I watched some TV shows on my computer while I ate, and I ate only about 2400 calories today which is great. 2000 calories from the beans and rice and 400 calories from a PB&J sandwich. I did some strength exercises today too.

After work was done at around 6 PM, I contemplated going to either Best Buy or Wal-Mart. It's this inability of choosing either that I ended up not going. My reason for wanting to go was pretty stupid too. I wanted either a new camcorder or a new phone, so I could have one dedicated device for photos / videos. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was no way I needed one. I could just use the current phone I have for photos and videos, and it's not even close to filling up on storage either.

Technically I already have everything I need here. Just from my perspective, I have all the things I could ever want already at home. I have completed my dream computer set-up that I've wanted for years. It's a standing desk treadmill with two monitors and speakers. There's literally nothing to add, nothing I could even think about adding. My laptop is already the highest end possible. 128 GB of RAM and Intel XEON latest gen processor, with a 6 GB Nvidia discrete graphics card, and 3 TB of storage upgradeable to a max limit of any. The webcam on this machine sucks though, it's a 720p camera that has really bad picture quality. There is this 720p camera on a 2012 laptop I have that has better camera quality than this, really.

I have $60-$80 worth of dry beans and rice that can last me months, I have a stove and a saucepan to cook the beans in, and a rice cooker to cook the brown rice in. Some plates and utensils to eat it in. I have 10 different shirts I can wear, 3 shorts, 2 pants. Probably more clothing than that actually, there might be more in the travel bag I haven't taken out yet. I have one pair of slippers and one pair of running shoes. One sleeping bag, one or two blankets, one backpack, one travel bag, a belt, and a QuestVR headset.

What else do I need? Again I wanted to go to Wal-Mart so I could buy either a new separate phone or a camcorder to take photos and videos with. If I chose a new phone, it would be entirely separate and existing alongside my current phone, just used as a separate device for photos/video. I don't know if I would add a plan to it, but I probably would so I could get a local phone number for the area. If I had a separate camcorder, the purpose would be the same. The only thing I didn't like about the camcorder option though is that it wouldn't be able to install apps, so I can't upload my photos and videos directly from the device, I would have to move it to my computer first.

Based on my writing, a new phone would be the better choice and I could also have it sign up for a local phone number. I also got stuck choosing between Wal-Mart which is the more affordable option but has less options than Best Buy when it comes to phones and electronics. I could go to both, but Uber fares are about $30 to either store at busy times after 6 PM. I'm expecting to cough up a minimum of $50 just to travel to either store and back, just to buy a $200 phone or camcorder. Not worth it now that I think about it, it's probably best to go there during 12 PM lunch time when Uber fares will be under $10.

Anyway I probably want a new phone just for that local phone number with the 3 starting digits having the local area code. I don't like calling up people here and having my phone number's area code not matching everyone else's.

What else? Oh yeah I got really stressed out at around 6 PM. I was checking my personal email and some of it is in Spanish. There is so much disorganization in my mailbox. There's different categories of Puerto Rico emails I have, since there's been so much communication here. I have emails related to the bank mortgage, emails from the property realtor, emails related to the company I'm starting up, emails from the water utility company, emails from my landlord, emails about Puerto Rico applications and subscriptions and bills, etc. So many Puerto Rico related emails buried amongst all the other emails I got, and it was stressful looking through them. There was in particular one email I couldn't find, and that was driving me mad because I kept looking and looking and couldn't find it.

I sorted my email today though, I created a separate Puerto Rico folder and a bunch of sub-folders within there. So now I can look through and it's a lot more organized. I know where all the Puerto Rico related items are now, including that one email I couldn't find, and this has made it less stressful. I'm still way behind on a bunch of other organization related tasks by the way. I'll try catching up on them tomorrow.

After browsing the Internet for a bit, I got pretty bored. I pleasured myself and went to sleep at around 9 PM. That's one of the earliest times I have ever gone to sleep. I basically just looked at the time, saw that it was 9 PM, and instead of playing some Steam games like usual, I thought, it's already late enough, let me just go to sleep. So I turned everything off and just went to sleep. I pretty much fell asleep instantly after first setting myself up not to be bitten by mosquitoes at night. I put this "net" (window curtain with a bunch of small holes) on top of me because I have nowhere else to hang it or anything, but it was very hard to breathe, so eventually I just thought screw it, and slept without a net on top of me.

So yeah that was one of the earliest times I have slept. Probably the earliest time I have ever slept this year and last year.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Mar 24, 2021

This post was actually kind of helpful to me because I'm going into a situation where I'm homeless and can't carry a lot around with me. I need to be very minimalistic with what I bring along. There's a lot that I could just leave behind and probably should. So many things in my life that I've grown attached to which are just "things" if I wasn't so sentimental about a lot of them.

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