March 27, 2021

The King Amongst Peasants (True Confidence)

True confidence

  • True confidence comes from taking action and with your inner beliefs telling you that you will succeed

Ways to get true confidence

  1. Meditate but not up to the point to where it feels like a chore: before u hop in a meditation session ask yourself, what am I meditating for and then hop in the meditation session, search up guided meditations for confidence and kick back and listen to it.
  2. Get off your phone and delete social media, it's fucking up your pineal gland, and not only that you'll be comparing your life to the lives of other people. Learn to love your life, like J Cole said, "no such thing as a life that's better than yours ooohhhh¨ :))
  3. Say positive affirmations on a daily( search up positive affirmations for confidence)
  4. Show gratitude even to the littlest things like trees, without them youd be dead, thank them for giving you oxygen:)) appreciate what you have in life because a lot of people would die to live a life like yours:)
  5. Stop talking shit about ppl, ur brain can't tell the difference between you and other ppl, spread da love & stop hating on others!
  6. Work on yourself, you start to feel sexy when you know your body is on point, work on your insecurities and turn them to your biggest strengths
  7. Focus on you, a problem can only manifest itself if u manifest it 4 yourself
  8. Get Fit, get your body on point, get your looks on point, work on your insecurities!
  9. Don't do drugs, they make numb the pain temporarily but be the fucking King and Queens that you guys are and face your problems!
  10. Stop being jealous about other ppl, those people you are jealous of dont wash your ass, pay your bills, or cloth you so why care about them in the first place.
  11. Learn how to fight, ppl don't walk up to Mike Tyson and talk shyt cuz they know Tyson will uppercut they goof ass lmao, learn how to fight! if yk how to fight that automatically gives u confidence, mike Tyson can walk into a party and say all yall niggas some hoes and nobody gonna say nun because they know not to test him!
  12. Don't clown ppl, compliment the ppl in your head ¨Dayum them shoes bro got on fresh asl¨, Keep it respectful and support somebody and what they got going on!
  13. Carry yourself like you're a King or Queen, Head up, shoulders back, back straight. Carry yourself like you got big balls, be open and expansive, dont be all balled up with your head down, head up!
  • People with confidence assume they will win and don't doubt their court of action
  • Those who have no confidence, do not commit and are bound by their fears
  • Fake Confidence: looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how good you look, temporary confidence
  • True Confidence: comes from an inner belief that whatever u do, you will succeed in it, ex: business, talking to new ppl, life.
  • Whatever you do will work out and no matter what, it is what it is
  • Fuck fears, step our your comfort zone!
  • It ez to not have balls and live a very simple and comforting life
  • It's hard to have balls to do the complete opposite^ talk to hot girls, startup that business, start that podcast, & not settling down!
  • Hard times create strong men
  • Pressure creates strength, yk how you lift heavy weights and you get stronger by doing that shit? This is the same shyt, sit in the fire motherfucker!
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations 
  • U set yourself up for failure by choosing to do weak shyt and EZ shyt
  • Put yourself under pressure if u want success, take action!
  • Actions bring confidences
  • Action: Go out, go talk to girls, go call some girls cute, go out there, and have confidence in what u do!!! 
  • Full fucking send it
  • Fears and doubts aren't gonna help with building your confidence
  • There are two types of people in this world, The Man who thinks he can, and The man who thinks he can't! Both are right😆
  • take action if u want fuckin results bitch!
  • Confident ppl have failed, it's that they did fail but continue to keep trying! 
  • "Betas" just quit lol(don't be like this)
  • where u stay comfortable, is where u stay static, fuck that!
  • Don't go around telling ppl ur Alpha lol cmon bruh if u really have to tell ppl that ur really " like that:" then trust me, you aren't like that, ppl can tell if your bullshitting or not, be on your A-Game fucker and don't fuckin fake it!
  • Find your purpose!
  • Respect others while being disrespected, it ez to go off and curse somebody out but how easy is it to just not give low-vibrational people no attention? it's fucking easy, don't give ppl what they want, if you gotta stand yo ground then knock them ass out Zzzzz!
  1. Your beliefs of what ur gonna do, have to be stronger than others opinions of you
  2. Your parents, friends, girls, everybody is gonna have opinions of you
  3. Your beliefs in yourself in whatever u wanna fuckin do will work! Don't compromise your beliefs for other opinions, fuck that!
  4. True strength is when u have the ability to do something when everybody says u fuckin cant
  5. Everybody will test you. to pass the test, do the hard things!
  6. Fears controlling and it is very effective
  7. If u want to be successful and be Alpha, step out of your comfort zone, ACTION DESTROYS FEAR
  8. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN EVERYTHING YOU DO, if you truly believe in yourself then you will win!
  9. if u fail, Find where u Fucked up and capitalize on it, become better! BECOME THE BETTER STUDENT

gang this shyt at 10 views man yall keep running at shyt up, share share share cuz it ppl need this serious game rn frfr so run it up gang lesketit, podcast coming soon!


Written by PoppieBW

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