April 11, 2020

Catching up on Journal Entries


I'm about a week behind on my journal entries. I just have not been writing them lately since there was little development in my life to write about. For a quick summary, this week has been similar to last week, except I was a lot more productive and active last week. I ran more, I got more work done, I even made a few YouTube videos all last week, while this week I can't say there was anything great that came from it. I don't know why some weeks I'm able to do well, while other weeks I'm not able to do as well.

Does it have something to do with my sleep pattern? I don't know because I don't keep a log of it to compare. I always wake up around 6 AM no matter what time I sleep. Last night for example I fell asleep at around 2:30 AM, and I woke up at around 6:40 AM. If I fell asleep at 12 AM which I normally do, I would wake up at around 6 AM too. The only difference is if I fall asleep at around 10 PM, then I would wake up at around 4 or 5 AM. Did I sleep earlier last week compared to this week?


Anyway I don't know the answer to those questions as to why I do better some weeks and worse other weeks. To me there really wasn't anything different between the two weeks, except in one week I was lazier. What were the differing factors?

I'm going to catch up on my journal entries now since I'm behind on them.

2:10 (of Sunday, April 12th 2020)

Yeah I finally caught up on my journal entries. It was a very unremarkable week. I'm so sleepy and it's 2 AM. Watch, I'm going to go to sleep now and I'll wake up around 6-7 AM. Maybe I'll try wearing ear plugs tonight so I don't get woken up by anything.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Sleep helps you get productive technically :D But it also depends on your state of mind. My sisters boyfriends mother always wakes up at 6 AM and always goes to bed at 12 AM (hey, just like you :D!), but she is always productive, always working, always cleaning the house. But in her case she's on her pension and the idea of sitting around doing nothing drives her mad xD like obviously sometimes her mind is like "Screw it, today, I shall not clean the floor" (which is very rare), but most times she's very productive xD So i guess it depends on sleep, mind and habit xD
I mean I felt burn out these days, I literally stopped all my productivity and just splatted myself on my bed and refused to do anything and today I was like "Boom baby, today I'm gonna doooo stuff" XD so maybe last week you were burnt out :D ? Wake meeee uppp :'( I fall asleep at 7AM and wake up at 1 PM xD hahah xD

Posted On Apr 14, 2020

@pinenutes haha your sister's boyfriend's mother just sounds very focused, she knows what she needs to do and does it. I'm not burnt out at all, just feeling very lazy! There's always a bunch of tasks I have to do, and I think the burden of it all cripples me. Yeah, I think that's why I'm not very productive nowadays, until I cat get caught up I won't be productive, but I can't be productive because there's so many things to catch up on. Catch-22.

Posted On Apr 14, 2020

But isn't that actually a burn out? Cause you have so much to do and yet you can't be productive D:? Like I hope you don't burn out D: I wat you to kick your tasks in the butt :D ! Are you citing the book "Catch-22" XD? I never read it, but my sister says it's hilarious :D

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