April 7, 2020

A Tuesday I Barely Remember

00:12 (of Sunday, April 12th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, April 7th 2020 and much like yesterday, it was another day I barely remember. I had work today which was expected, I did that.

On yesterday's entry, I had to look back at my web browsing history to figure out what I did that day. I didn't go out or anything, but I had some web browsing history. It's the same with today, I have a web browsing history on what I browsed. There wasn't much that I browsed for today apparently, there wasn't any specific topic I looked at. Yesterday I took a look at a lot of music related items. Today my browsing was all over the place. It's kind of silly what I searched for, temporary subjects that were a flash in the pan curiosity, so I'd rather not write about any of that.

I doubt I went out or did anything today. Or maybe I did go out today? Some of my search results suggest this may have been the first day I created my new shower routine which I wrote about on Sunday's entry. If that's the case, then just apply what I did that Sunday to tonight. I don't know for sure which day I did that on. It's likely Sunday because it was a weekend, and therefore I had a good chance of having gone out to walk at the very least. But it could have been today too. I don't know.

Written by JustMegawatt

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