April 5, 2021

2020/04/05 - completed flooded forest; went fishing (MHRise))



Mean, there's alcohol in the cherry chocolate eggs :/

I think they should mark that more. I mean, one isn't allowed to drink alcohol until 16 or 18 or sth and these chocolate eggs are surely to be eaten by kids.

I hope I'll find cherry chocloate withput alcohol and without chilli.

Yes, we once had chilli chocolate xD it tasted good but was spicy...

Today I wrote the page for our graduation book thing. I found two nice photos of our small group and cropped. I was smiling so nicely on it and i don't have many photos of me that are good. I wonder if I could choose this for applications. I just have to see if i maybe crop out the pizza package.

Yesterday i signed up for the 14d free trial on skillshare. Guess I'm a victim of repetitive advertisment. Nevertheless, I hope to find good classes. I am sure they're good, and maybe I'll find one or two of business studies topics to help preparing for my bwr exam.

Wow, now It's midnight...

I played MHRise with my sister for too long xD

We explored the icy isles and then completed the flooded forest.

Tomorrow we'll head for the other areas.

I like fishing. It's easier now. There were small and big red sword Fishes. At one spot somewhere on the right i just wanted to peacefully fish. I git attacked by Ludroth, Slagtorh and later Somnacanth. I didn't have anything to lead it away so after Attacking a but i set up a sleep frog and continued fishing. It woke up a little while after, so i fought until it left. In the end of the expedition i had 23k. Guess it's worth it just getting everything one finds, especially Account items. Like the platinum fish.

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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