April 9, 2020

Listened to Two Beatles Songs for the First Time

1:05 (of Sunday, April 12th 2020)

Today is Thursday, April 9th 2020 and today was another workday. I worked from home again today of course.

I think this morning I went out and had a bit of a walk. A few minutes into walking it started to rain pretty heavily very quickly, and so I had to run back to prevent myself from getting wet. It pretty much came out of nowhere, the sky was a bit cloudy but there wasn't any drizzling or anything, so I just went out and had a walk. Like I said, a few minutes later, I just suddenly felt some heaven raindrops. I didn't think much of it, but a few more steps later, maybe like 10 steps, as I kept feeling the rain get heavier and heavier, I realized it might start down pouring soon. So I started running back, at first I was just jogging, but then the rain kept getting heavier and heavier, so I had to run faster so I could get home faster.

When I got back home I changed clothes and ate some breakfast. From the windows I could see that it wasn't a full blown storm right after, but there was several more minutes of heavy rain that I was glad I didn't get caught up in. And then the rain ended just like that, pretty quickly.

Other than that, the only other significant thing today is that I listened to two Beatles songs for the first time. The first one was "I want you (she's so heavy)" which I refrained from listening to for a long time because it just did not sound appealing to me. Was it a love song that would make me think about heavy women, sort of like fat bottomed girls by Queen? It really did not sound appealing to me. I heard the song title a few times over the years but never looked up the actual song just because I didn't find it appealing. Tonight I decided to satiate my curiosity after seeing an article credit it as the song that possibly started the Doom Metal genre. They said the song had a surprise ending that would surprise even modern listeners, what did that mean?

I looked up the song on YouTube, started listening to it and it was good. It was a 7 minute song though so I couldn't help but scroll down to regret. The comments spoiled the surprise ending for me. I wasn't shocked or anything when the ending happened, because I knew what would take place, so that was disappointing. But I really liked the song, and I listened to it a bunch more times afterwards. Yeah I liked the song so much I played it a bunch more times and even played in on the TV in the living room.

Another song I listened to for the first time was Inner Light. I visited the Beatles site and they featured the song Inner Light and had an event going on called the Inner Light Challenge. I watched some of the Inner Light challenge participant videos, and there were a bunch of celebrities including George Harrison's son playing a cover of Inner Light. I watched his video and some other people's videos before listening to the actual song. By that point I had already known the melody from the covers I listened to, so I knew what to expect. The song was very hippy and trippy. I also liked the song a lot and listened to it a bunch of times afterwards. Apparently the episode Inner Light in Star Trek The Next Generation was a tribute to this song, and so was the story, which I think is rated as the best TNG episode.

When my dad got home, I played both songs on the living room TV. He already listened to both of them before and knew some of the lyrics. Hmm. I also read up a bunch of different Beatles stuff like the "Bigger than Jesus" comment that John Lennon made in a dating magazine. I found the magazine on eBay selling for $32 at the time, bid ending Friday. From the future I can see what it ended at, and it closed for $68 with $4 shipping, so $72 total with 8 bids. I think it's a pretty rare magazine to find, it was the only one selling.

Other than that, I think I also watched some Yoko Ono "howling" videos. Like when she did the howling thing at a museum singing Fireworks, and I saw the Bill Burr video on Yoko Ono howling during the song between Chuck Berry and John Lennon. Yikes. I showed my parents the videos of her doing that and they thought she was crazy.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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