April 10, 2020

More Beatles, Drove Outside

1:37 (of Sunday, April 12th 2020)

Today is Friday and the last working day of the week before the weekend break. Woohoo! I still actually remember today. I didn't do that much, I did some work of course, and I did more Beatles stuff.

For some reason I just wanted to read more about the Beatles. I read more about their history, about Pete Best who was the former drummer before he was replaced by Ringo Starr. I knew about Pete Best years back, but I didn't know whether he was good or not. There were some recordings of him playing some original Beatles songs with the original band, and his beat and timing were off a lot of times.

The comments were not kind to Pete Best. The comment section noticed a few things I didn't notice like a "cross stick" which is from the sound of it was an accidental tapping of the drums, like an extra note. The tempo changes and all that were also not that apparent, until I watched a video outlining all that, and it compared portions of Pete Best's drumming in the same song with another portion of the same song, and it became apparent that the tempos were way different. Yeah it was unanimous across the other Beatles that Pete Best had to be replaced, and of course their judgment was good.

Ringo Starr was a star and in many other's opinions, the ideal drummer to have been in the Beatles. His drum beats just fit the Beatles songs so well, and his tempo and timing were perfect.

I read that Rain was Ringo's hardest song on drums that he played for the Beatles, and I listened to Rain for the first time. I honestly wasn't that impressed by it the first listen. Only later on would I appreciate it more after listening to it a few more times. It's a good song with a catchy tune, that you get used to after listening to it a few times. I mean when I listened to it for the first time I was just concentrating on the drums. Nothing about the lyrics or guitar or any other instrument, just the drums. That might have played a role in me not enjoyng the song the first time I listened to it.

I read about other fifth Beatles such as Stuart Sutcliffe and about Paul McCartney's new album called Egypt Station. Man there was so much history and so much to learn. It's just all fascinating history.

According to Wikipedia from many sources they are the most influential band in all of time, without them pretty much most other bands would not exist. I watched a video of Billie Eillish and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, and they both said they listened to the Beatles growing up. Drake the rapper got a Beatles tattoo. Ed Sheeran did a Beatles cover. One Direction did that Abbey Road photoshoot. There was a Powerpuff Girs episode as a tribute to the Beatles, and there was the Stark Trek New Generation episode that was also a tribute to the Beatles. They created several genres and did many first time things with what they did. Anyway, they were just the best band ever in my opinion, I don't think they're overrated, they're probably underrated for everything that they have done.

Maybe it was today or a few days back, I also read about how John Lennon died. I read his death story before, but I read and watched videos about it again. I also read about how George Harrison died. His death is attributed to his lung cancer from smoking, but few don't know that someone broke into his home and he was stabbed 40 times and got a punctured lung 2-3 years before he died. I think that played a heavy role in his early death. He said himself he thought he was going to die and felt dead after the stabbing incident. That injury probably exacerbated the cancer that he had and/or did not allow it to heal properly since his body was tending to his wounds.

I drove my car out again today a bit after 6 PM. This was after work and I just wanted to see what traffic was like. Normally at this time it would be rush hour traffic at several roads. I went out and drove, there were barely any other cars. By barely, I mean there's like 20% what the normal amount would be. It was deserted in areas where it would normally be crowded.

Yeah that's pretty much all I did today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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