April 6, 2021

Another Normal Day, New Friend Request

4:20 AM (of Friday, April 9th 2021)

Today is Tuesday, April 6th 2021 and I don't really remember that much of today. This was the day right after I went shopping at Wal-Mart. I likely did laundry today, just half my clothes though because all my laundry wouldn't be able to fit in the sink or the hanger outside. If today was the day I did laundry, then yeah I just rinsed my clothes and let them hang outside, pretty easy.

Actually, looking back on my journal entries, that was on Sunday when I did laundry. Hmm... I'm really getting my days mixed up here. Unless I write my journal entry the day of or the day after, then it's hard for me to recall exact events. Initially my days were novel, when I first moved here. Everything including my lifestyle was brand new. Now that I've lived here for about a month, it's been very repetitive, mostly the same every day.

Yeah my days go by like a blur. I'm pretty sure I pleasured myself a few times today, like 3 times or something, today. It was the day right after I went to Wal-Mart and bought fresh fruit from La Frutera, and I felt rejuvenated. That rejuvenational feeling and extra energy, made me want to expend it on something, so I pleasured myself a few times today.

What I really want to do is just go outside and bask in the sun, but the mosquitoes make me reconsider that. I'm getting bit and eaten alive indoors, at home, when we have all the windows barricaded and everything. Imagine if I went outside, how much more I would get bitten. But I do need to get out, to get some daily Vitamin D, I need to make sure to do it.

I think a friend texted me a bunch of times in Spanish today. He got the app Duolingo and was learning Spanish. Not for my sake, but because he probably wants to move to Colombia because of the inexpensive prices there ($10 a day for an Airbnb, $1 Uber fares). He told me about his visit, he said his reason was because he was bored in the US or whatever, but I think it was more due to something else.

I got another friend request today. From someone named Dylan. Am I just going to write about everyone that sends me a friend request? Maybe. So he's someone that went to my high school, we were in some of the same school classes together, but I've never been to his house or got that close to him. So far, pretty much everyone in my friend's list, I've been to their house once if not several times, except Sarah. So, that's pretty cool, being invited to other people's homes to hang out.

One of the people on my friend's list is Tony. This guy taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels back in 8th grade. He had a few road bikes at his house, and I remember coming over and he was like "let's go bike riding" but I told him I didn't know how to ride a bike. So he taught me, and we biked down this path in the woods near his home. It was pretty scary riding a bike for the first time without training wheels, but I got the hang of it. He went really fast, and was like "just follow me" and I had to learn on the spot to keep up with him or else he'd be way out far ahead.

After that I would hang out with him often in 9th grade. Every weekend or whatever, very frequently, we'd meet up at this 7-11 near our school, and we'd go bike riding places. We both didn't have road bikes either or anything close to that. I had a mountain bike and so did he, I think I got the mountain bike because it's what they had at Wal-Mart for $99, it was a Mongoose but it sucked. The gear shifting didn't work and so I basically rode on one gear the whole time, the heaviest max gear which was 3-7, and I used that to climb hills and go everywhere. I think that built up my calf muscle a lot, because now I have 17 inch calves today and I get complimented often on how huge they are.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be accepting Dylan's friend request for now because I barely know him. I haven't sent out any friend requests myself except to my parents and they took months to accept it even though I lived with them. Yeah that's hilarious it took them that long to accept my friend request. There was also Roberto that I sent my friend request to and he accepted, so just three people are who I sent friend requests to. There's a bunch of other people who's homes I've been in that I haven't sent a friend request yet, I know they'll accept but I dunno if I want to, I'm kinda enjoying just being invisible for now.

So there was work today that I did. What else can I say about that? I turned in some major work yesterday, and worked on some minor items today. The previous tenants left their beach chairs here, and I don't think they're coming back for it, so I sit on one of those while working. It's this very low-to-the-floor kind of chair, extremely low to the floor, and a good position to put the laptop on my knees. Yeah, and then I get on the computer, and I answer emails, work on problems. Yep.... That's really all... I've been doing that for the past year in the US, and I'm doing that now again in Puerto Rico.

Sadly I think today was a day I pleasured myself a few times. I hate doing this activity, but I feel like it's a habit that temporarily entertains my boredom. There's really only so much activity you can do at home by yourself. I walk paces around the apartment a lot, I clean up and do all the chores, and I play Beat Saber. If I got really bored and horny, I'd pleasure myself because I have complete and total privacy here and feel like there's nothing else to do. Tomorrow I message my personal trainer about my personal addiction problem pleasuring myself and got some good advice for it. It's a problem that has really limited me and my potential.

6:52 PM (of Friday, April 9th 2021)

Anyway that was my day today. I really don't remember much of it. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, they all were basically the same to me. Same with every day last week. If I didn't write an entry for that date, then I don't remember what happened on that date.

Written by JustMegawatt

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