April 10, 2020

A Friendly Voice

Today is supposed to be a holiday, but I guess my mom's office forgot that so they had a conference call. Not that I don't like my mom working, it's just that with this whole work from home fiasco offices tend to forget that they're only paying people for the official work days and not 24/7. So when I see my mom, my dad, and even when it's stories I heard from my friends about them working even outside working hours, I find it sad somehow.

Sometime in the afternoon when my mom was in her conference call, a friend of mine chatted me through WhatsApp asking me about English. Ever since college, everytime he has an English type of problem he comes to me since he believes that I can teach himI really can't he just thinks I can cause I've been speaking English my whole life and being born into and and teaching others are two very different set of skillshow to differentiate "I have experienced" And "I had experienced" and how it relates to how wein Indonesiause it when describing an event. I honestly had to google this thing first since I can only explain through how I would use it when I'm writing and that's really not so informative hahaha~ Anyhoo, we disused it and were cross checking with google and all of a sudden he called. It caught me off guard cause he's never really called me ever since we graduated.

The call lasted around an hour and it was a really pleasant exchange. We caught up on major life updates, talked about work, family, new friends. And it made us realize how much we miss our gang and how after college, it's really hard to find people with the same sense of humor in our workplace. And so, it was nice to talk with someone who understands my cheese puns and can make me laugh by talking about material characterization and capacitors.

Written by shaiduck

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