April 10, 2021

04/10/2021 - Café Dreams

Why does having your own café always sound like such a dream? It's like a wanting-your-own-business starter pack. Truthfully, I also want my own café. It's such a silly dream, I know. Everyone wants their own café, how would I compete? Well the thing is, I don't want to compete haha. It's just a silly dream, I think it would be really nice having my own café. I don't even like coffee. But just the idea of having my own café.... man.

My café would be a bit different though. It's more like an art café, really. An artist-friendly space. Artists love café's. I know, I'm an artist. I would have art books all around. Some art materials for people to borrow while they're there. Maybe an art wall for customers to show their silly artworks. Mini art galleries featuring local artists. We could even have life drawing sessions or art workshops every weekend. Sigh. It's nice to dream. I know having an actual café would take a lot of effort to manage and would cost a lot of expenses. If I actually push through with this in the future, It would probably start off as a side business. I've always wanted to have something like this in my hometown. Am I even going to come back to my hometown in the future? Who knows. Only the future can tell.

Written by marrccm

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Posted On Apr 10, 2021

Nothing wrong with a dream like that, I think it sounds lovely! Reminds me of a cafe I used to frequent with some friends of mine, years ago. They had an art gallery there for local artists to sell their work. Their coffee was alright, but their tea blends were amazing. Huge comfortable couches and chairs you could just sink into. A chess set over by the wall. Real cozy place

Posted On Apr 10, 2021

@iyazo Thank you! That café sounds amazing! There aren't many cozy café's in my area. I don't really see myself as a business person but who knows!

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