April 9, 2021

Sang Songs, Friday

10:47 PM

Oh yeah! I'm finally writing an entry on the day of, instead of the day later! Last night I fell asleep at around 9 PM, and I woke up at around 3:30 AM, very early. I fell asleep with this fan pointed at my face to prevent this one mosquito from flying in to bite me, because the rest of my body was covered. Anyway I woke up and felt like I had a cold, I think I would have preferred a mosquito bite over feeling that way. It was super early, 3:30 AM, and I think I brushed my teeth or used the bathroom, but a minute or two after waking up, this garbage truck came by making so much noise.

This garbage truck comes at 3:30 AM for some reason, and it's very very loud. It would be loud on a regular day, in the middle of the day, but since it was nighttime when everything was supposed to be peaceful and quite, its noise sounded amplified because of how quite the rest of the environment was. Anyway, I was just glad I wasn't woken up by that garbage truck, that I woke up instinctively on my own before that garbage truck came by.

I did chores in the morning. I washed some clothes, and then I hung them outside to dry. There wasn't even any sun yet when I hung them outside, I just didn't want to leave them in the sink. Before even washing my clothes, I first washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a little. After hanging my clothes out, I tried to fall asleep again. but I don't think it worked. I instead worked on other productive items, and that went on until 9 AM when work started.

Work was pretty normal, I got a decent amount of work done, fixed some bugs, did some changes. Normal day. I did go outside at around 10 AM or so, to go to this nearby mango tree because I wanted to take a picture of me grabbing a mango from the tree and post it on Facebook, but there was a bunch of people there, just hanging out by the side of the tree and I didn't want to intrude, so I just turned around and went back home.

After work I played Beat Saber for a bit. Umm some weird thing started to happen where I started to miss notes. Wtf. I can beat almost every song in this game in the hardest difficulty, so missing notes wasn't supposed to happen that frequently for me. But yeah I started to suck bad. Instead of getting "S" rank on basically every song I play like normal, I was getting an "A" only. Wtf. Then there was those 3 hard rapid parts in Crystallized, I failed each of those. Wtf. I had no idea what happened to me, but I kept sucking. I need to recalibrate my aim or something, because this was horrendous.

After getting frustrated with the game, I was going to just go to sleep soon or whatever. But I listened to some songs, and got addicted. I kept on listening, and then I started to sing along. I sang songs like Riptide by Vance Joy, Sell Your Soul by Hollywood Undead, Pretender by Foo Fighters, Back To Normal by Zebrahead, and even rap songs like Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan. One song I really enjoyed singing was High Hopes by Panic At The Disco. It's such a good motivational song, and it's on the game Beat Saber. I sang these songs and many others, over and over. I was having the time of my life basically, it was such a good time.

Then my parents called and I told them I was singing. I asked them to rate how I sang and I sang for them, and they said I wasn't bad. I wanted to verify their comments, so after the call I recorded myself singing, just my voice with the actual song itself having minimal sound, and I actually didn't sound bad at all. I actually sounded okay. My voice and singing actually sounded like the song I was singing. Not bad! You know you can record yourself, and know if your voice sucks? I do, because I recorded myself before singing, years ago, and I was bad, but today I wasn't!

I'm really sleepy as I write this, so I'm going to sleep now. I don't know what else to say about today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 11, 2021

I like singing too! I haven't done much practicing lately and my voice changed a bit again because of the hormones I'm on, so I need some adjustment. I don't think I'm that bad either and it's pretty fun! I find myself singing a lot when I'm either really happy or really depressed, so I have been doing a bit of singing lately.

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