April 11, 2020


From the night before up to 4:30 AM I was up reading this comic I found in twitter called Sunstone. I've actually downloaded it and followed the artist in his Patreon page ♡︎. And so there I was binge reading it and at some point certain issues in the comic was exactly what I've gone and some even still going through and I guess I ended up projecting cause I was crying the whole night. It was as if this writer personally understands the emotional pain and effort I've been living with and just wrote about it in a very interesting setting and circumstance.

I do tend to get emotional when I read things or watch things or even just listening to music or maybe some podcast in the future. But really, that Sunstone hit me hard almost as hard as Where Rainbows End—︎A.K.A Love Rosie movie. I would love to pick that up again and write about it in my blog sometime. I haven't done a book review in ages~ hihihi

Anyways, how about you guys? Ever felt like a certain movie or book was made specially for you?

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 12, 2020

SUNSTOOONE :D!!! He's working on MERCY now which talks about the lives of other two characters in that universe :D I haven't started Mercy yet, but I did finish Sunstone :) Jeez, I can't imagine what you've gone through O.O I hope things are better now!

UUUUH YES :D Review that book :D I've never heard about it, so i wouldn't mind reading your opinions :D

When I was in middle school, I was a very angry little girl, but I think it's cause I was never able to express myself well or let out some frustration. When I was younger I would do sports to let out some stress, but once I moved to Italy i stopped being sporty and I started closing myself too much. A dear friend of mine back in middle school lent me a fantasy book calle "Cronache del Mondo Emerso" (literally translated as "Chronicles of the Emerged World") and I remember the protagonist being as angry as I was. Reading the trilogy actually calmed me down and I started expressing myself xD Like I still have problems expressing myself, but I made so many strides xD Like I barely get angry unless my boyfriend does something very stupid xD I don't personally think the book was made for me, but it did help me out :)

Posted On Apr 13, 2020

@pinenutes OMG YOU READ SUNTONE?!! THIS IS AMAZING! I didn't think anyone here would know it~ hehehe~
Yes I'm very much looking forward for the other characters' stories~ The writer is just so amazing!
Things are getting better really <3 like I do still have trust issues but I'm getting there. And the support I've been getting from my boyfriend is really helpful~
This is why I really love Sunstone~ Even when the setting is in that type of "circle", but the main root of the story is trust and how to overcome self doubt <3 a very delightful read <3

Hehehe thanks! I'll get to it afer rereading it soon xD

That's amazing! I love hearing how books affect people <3 It's one of those things that just makes me happy :D I wonder if I can find an english version of that xD was this book written sometime in the 2000's? I think it's fine to get angry when it really is a dumb thing that could've been prevented really xD but the key is to know when and how to express anger in a healthy way right? This is awesome! You're awesome!!

Posted On Apr 17, 2020

@shaiduck SURPRISE MOTHERQUACKER :D ! To be honest, I'm also surprised that I would find someone who reads it xD haha I'm waiting for him to finish Mercy so I can binge it later xD I really didn't like cliffhangers while I was reading Sunstone xD The important thing is that you get better slowly :D You know, no pressure or whatever xD Slap that boyfriend :D !
I'll wait for the review then :) No rush xD
I don't think there is an english version xD Personally I know there is a german and russian version xD haha The italian version was published in 2004 :) the first print obviously :) I think I'll start doing some karate again to let out some anger, to be honest xD the importan thing is to not beat up the people that make me angry in that case xD But I don't beat people, unless it's a slap on the arm cause the person made a bad joke xD

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

@pinenutes Mee tooo! I wanna wait for it to finish cause I don't do well with cliffhangers hahahaha xD thaankksss ♡︎ yes slow and steady is the way to go ♡︎♡︎

Thankyou thankyouuu will update when I'm done ♡︎

Aahhh I see~ That's too bad~ I used to have a friend teach me Italian when I was in highshool but we kinda lost contact cause his GF was super jealous or something~ hehehe.... Now I don't really remember much anymore.
Hahaha yesss please don't beat people up.. Just get a sand sack or something xD I used to do karate as well. Stopped when I was still in blue cause I couldn't manage my schedule for it :')

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

Yeesh, jealous people are the worst xD So you never talk to him :)? Practice woman xD I would saw watch some Netflix movies, but italian movies usually are veeery bad xD Like there are rare ones that are good, but the rest is just bad xD
Isn't that sand sack worse than my hand xD? Silly Goose!! Aw sad :3

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

@pinenutes Not really. Though me and him are still friends in facebook. We just can't message each other without angering his GF so I stepped back~ HAHAHA~ He's fine though judging by his posts~ I guess XD

I actually listen to Jovanotti and read the Divine Comedy for effort~ But still.. Not really sure how to approach learning it on my own though hehehe~ :3

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@shaiduck SLAP HIM :D Sorry, I like slapping people xD
WHAT XD? Why Jovanotti xD? EVEN MORE WHAT XD? WHY THE DIVINE COMEDEY XD? That's like the hardest book a beginner could read xD? NUO xD! Burn it xD Maybe there are sites where you can learn it :D? Maybe Duolingo has it D:?

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