April 12, 2020

How To Bob Myself

Due to the emotional crisis I've been having the past few days, I suddenly remembered that whenever I'm in that type of funk I tend get a hair cut to lift my mood~ But since we're in quarantine I'd have to do it myself and so I Youtubed how to bob myself.

I watched the very first video suggested, not really looking for actual tips on how, but I was just actually looking for the courage to do it myself. I'm pretty sure when I'm cutting someone else's hair, but the problem with cutting my own is that It's hard for me to see the back of my head therefore making this task that much harder. But this girl in the video was super confident in just chopping off her hair that it helped calm me down somehow. And so..




And voila!

I went from chest length to bob! The weight difference feels amazing and I'm really happy that I did it! Just as I remembered this really did boost my mood and now I'm just feeling so much more better! I mean of course all the other self remedies I did the past two days also helped. But this haircut really gave the biggest impact. I feel unloaded~

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Ahh! It looks so good! I wish I had the confidence you do. I wear my hair short and was planning to get a haircut but then...shelter in place happened. Now my hair almost reaches my shoulders and I hate it but I'm scared to cut it myself XD

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

You look great, nice job. I'm lucky because I got a haircut at the start of March before this all went down, but in about a month I'm going to need another haircut and it's going to be...interesting.

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

Guuurl, SAME! I also cut my own hair when I feel funky. My hair reaches my stomach now, but I can't cut it, 'cause I made this stupid oath that I will cut it once I graduate from my University xD When that day comes, guuuurl, let me tell you, I want them to be shorter than your bob. Well I personally thought to go bald, but all my friends said that they won't talk to me if I do xD hahah We shall see xD

Great job on the haircut by the way :) You look so cute :D

Posted On Apr 13, 2020

@Achaius Thankyouuu so much! <3 Lucky you! Looking forward to how it turns out~ :3

@Cayst Thankyou very muuucch! <3 I actually was planning to have it shorter but I don't have a clipper so this is the best I could manage to make it look quite decent enough hahahaha xD just do it! (if you're feeling like it though) I mean it's hair and it'll grow back so no worries really even if you mess up a bit <3 Or maybe get a sibling to help youuu~

@pinenutes OMG YOU CAN MANAGE IT THAT LONG?! xD that's so cool! the longest I've ever had my hair was about waist length when it's straight. My does tend to curl from time to time though making it just enough to cover my breasts.. This one was shorter than that though cause even when straight it was only until mid chest, not covering the whole thing~
When's your graduation supposed to be?! xD for now try to do some Lagertha hair styles!!! Braids and stuff while you can still play with your haaiiirrr~ xP
I also wanted a buzz actually, but I have no clippers so this is the best I can manage to have it look even enough~ Hahahaha xD I'm pretty sure your friends are just messing with you and you'd kill that bald style! <3

And thankyouuuuu soo muuchhhh <3 hihihi :'3

Posted On Apr 14, 2020

I don't know how I manage it, to be honest xD Like right now I'm sick of it, but it doesn't bother me that much yet xD Like when I will cut I will start singing "The hills are alive" in a meadow xD I don't know hopefully by the end of the year I will graduate and I will start working and I never want to open another text book again until I am ready for it again xD I don't think I will rock the bald style, but I wouldn't mind trying it out at least once in a life time xD I coud post my own before and after picture when I do xD haha No, trust me, my friend were VERY disgusted when I told them xD HAHA

Posted On Apr 16, 2020

@pinenutes Hahahaha I see xD When something has been done a fair amount of time it somehow just become routine therefore not so bothering maybe~ hehehe
Oh yeaay!! So closeee!! Hope everything goes according to plan <3
Ahh I see ;D well it is worth a try once in a lifetime I agree <3 Your friends will probably get over it after awhile, or chip in for you to get a wig xD hahaha~ Oooh, or some cool bandanas~ Will be waiting for that before and after pics okaaayyy <3

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