April 13, 2021

Recorded A Long Vlog Video

8:12 PM

Today was a fun day. It was a fun day. When I woke up this morning, I just grabbed my camera and started recording. I recorded myself for the first 30 minutes of being awake, only 30 minutes because the battery died and I had to charge it again. I recorded myself cleaning up my "bed", washing dishes, doing strength exercises, and playing Beat Saber in those first 30 minutes. Yeah I have several minutes of me just cleaning up my sleeping area and washing the dishes, basically just doing chores.

Throughout the entire day, I recorded basically everything I did. There's a lot of really intimate and sort of private sections in the video that I just show to everyone. I go over all the mosquito bites I've had recently, some recent scarring and blemishes that appeared on my skin, quite a sensitive topic I think. I got bit several times today, around 5 times, and we got those red spots on camera. We also recorded several mosquitoes flying around on camera today, and I was able to kill one mosquito today, so that's proof there's a bunch of mosquitoes inside this home.

9:18 PM

I went on an automatic speaking spree where I just talked about whatever random topic under the sun. I don't even remember most of what I said most of the time in the video, and it is way too long for me to check and filter things. Actually I just went back in right now, and deleted those portions when I went on a rant about random freaking topics I probably shouldn't have talked about. I brought up weird subjects like how I was when I was a kid and going around town here as the only Asian person, I probably shouldn't have talked about those topics, so I just deleted those clips.

Umm yeah it was a fun day unlike yesterday. Actually, last night, I pleasured myself again because I was kinda feeling down and stressed, though not really. I just felt, maybe, a tiny bit anxious? I should have just went to sleep to be honest, but my emotions took over. That's why when I woke up this morning, I woke up with so much regret from the actions I took last night, I wanted to make a radical shift, so that's why I made this radical action and recorded the whole day today.

I recorded over two hours of footage which basically encompasses my life in a day. There were so many random events today, even though it was just another repetitive day I've felt like I already lived many times, but we caught it on camera. I'm going to do this again tomorrow because of how much unique fun I had just recording everything.

The video is still rendering now, so I can't link it. I'm just going to be uploading it tomorrow, and you can find it sometime tomorrow morning in my YouTube probably if you are interested at all: youtube.com/officialjustmegawatt

What other personal things happened that wasn't caught on video? I guess my thoughts throughout the day. One thing I was very proud of, was doing several strength workouts throughout the day. I did 90 elevated push ups, 90 crunches, 90 seconds of planking, and 60 goblet squats throughout the day, and 10,000 steps. I literally did those things over the span of 12 hours though, so it was chunked up and no way did I do all of those in one sitting. I already knew I had the energy to do those things daily, but I just didn't because of a lack of motivation, but recording myself on video gave me that motivation I was lacking.

One thing that worried me is I didn't do any of my homework and I have a bunch of homework due tomorrow, Wednesday. I think I'm going to have to drop out of my classes yet again, all my classes, yet again. I'll have to read the student handbook and see how many school terms I can skip before I'm expelled. I think it's 3 terms that I can skip, and I skipped the previous 1. So I can probably skip this term safely too. All this because I procrastinated in doing the assignments. I'm taking Bachelor's level classes now, so the readings are very intensive, and this first week alone I had 200 pages of reading to do and a bunch of homework to complete. I did 0 reading and no way will I be able to complete the homework assignments in one day, so I'll likely withdraw from this term too.

I posted the home tour video on my Facebook wall a few hours ago and so far hasn't gotten any responses, not even any likes or anything. I usually get likes and comments in my posts but nothing this time. I only have 11 friends too btw. In reality, I don't care about this at all. But a part of me kind of wants some social approval there at least. Oh well.

Also Sarah hasn't responded to me yet either, today. Oh well there too.

I'm just going to record my vlogs and make progress in that direction. Today has been a good day personally, I was able to face my fears of recording and sharing a video with people I know, I was able to be very physically active today, and I recorded over two hours of footage. The lack of people paying attention to me and not liking my content nor replying to my messages, shouldn't dismay me. This low amount of emotional stress, like seriously it's barely anything, makes me want to pleasure myself again tonight, but I'll refrain and just go to sleep instead.

Life is a ride man, I was feeling good the other day, on top of the world, now because I focused on negative events, even though today has been largely positive, I caused myself to feel down.

I'm going to sleep soon, just going to read Iyazo's posts and comments and then go to my Habitica party and cast spell buffs and complete my daily to do list there.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 14, 2021

Great job on the strength training today! Sorry to hear about school not going so well, but better not to waste time if you know you're unable to really apply yourself to it.

You're right, don't let lack of comments and likes get you down- just enjoy vlogging! I think if you enjoy it, others are more likely to enjoy it with you. It's always hard starting off anyway. Try to keep focused on the positive and just go with the flow.

Awww that's so sweet, I'm glad to be a part of your day! Even if it's in a weird "train-wreck you can't look away from" kinda way lol

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