April 16, 2021

Diablo 1: First Impressions.

I'm standing outside my house in the ruins of the once-thriving village of Tristram. The smell of death lingers in the air. As a powerful Sorcerer, I can instantly sense EVIL is around. I make haste to the church and find it is overrun with all manner of evil creatures; "To The Dark Dungeon!" I cry as firebolts explode from my hands!

Ok. So this game is a little dated. (released in 1996) But holy crap, am I having a good time with it! My first impressions. FUN!

I started out just whacking goblins and skeletons to death with my staff; then realized I knew magic and started torching those fools! The soundtrack is awesome, I dig it, but I have been loving the music by this guy ERANG on Bandcamp. It's fantastic dungeon-crawler music and he's produced a bunch of great albums that can be streamed for free and compliment my gameplay beautifully.

You just keep making your way deeper and deeper into the dungeons beneath the church until you reach HELL! That's where I'll be face to face with the demon, Diablo! I'll post again once I'm further into the game. I'm looking forward to playing the sequel, which many agree is the best action role-playing game out there, even after 20+ years!

Written by Merlin Dumbledore

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Posted On Apr 17, 2021

Yeah Diablo 1 was a classic, a hit game when it first came out. Even though old games are old, classics became classics for a reason. Diablo 2 is an improved version of DIablo 1 though, whereas Diablo 3 goes into a new direction. Diablo 2 is one of my favorite games, used to play that back in elementary school, it's just Diablo 1 but way better.

Posted On Apr 17, 2021

Ooooh the classics! I've heard Diablo 2 is way better. I've only ever played the 3rd, and it was back before they got rid of the real money auction house- so a very long time ago. I had a lot of fun with it and enjoyed it! I played through with a friend of mine at the time it came out.

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