April 19, 2021

Haven't Updated In A While, So Behind!

9:24 AM

Well I just requested time off work today, because I am so behind on everything. I have this vlog I started recording recently, I'm currently rendering Day 5's video right now, but today is already Day 7. These videos take about 10 hours total to render and upload because they are hours long themselves, and are around 80gb in their raw forms. So yeah it takes 5-6 hours to squeeze that 80gb down to something like 10gb, and it takes 2-3 hours to upload that 10gb file online.

For day 6 too, that one was my worst days so far. I didn't record much video and the video I did record, didn't have the microphone turned on, so it didn't record any sound. I'm going to just be uploading like, a 30 minute video only for that day, mainly we just me exercising, because the rest of the video is quiet!!

I am behind on: videos, workout logs, journal entries, work, personal work, etc. I am so behind and overwhelmed by so many things right now and I don't even have any kids. Anyway this will be a rolling entry, I'll update this entry as I do things throughout the day. I'm going to be recording Day 7 now, me doing chores and exercises for the day. Later, I'll catch up on journal entries. I took off work today so I could do these things.

12:07 AM (of Tuesday, April 20th 2021)

Alright so today is still Monday, April 19th 2021 and it was a great day today. I caught up to today's vlogs, and I uploaded the Day 5 video. I finished rendering the Day 6 video, which I guess I can upload right now just to get it out of the way. Yeah let me do that.

12:16 AM (of Tuesday, April 20th 2021)

Okay the video is uploading now. I really liked taking the day off today, I was able to clean up my living room, throw away a bunch of the extra trash and stuff I just had lying around, and I did everything I ever wanted to do in a day. I did a bunch of exercises again, did 60 goblet squats with a 36 pound weight, I did around 16 push ups, 90 crunches, and 90 seconds of planks, and I also took over 10k steps, most of it outside in the sun shirtless. That was fun.

I was able to wash dishes, do laundry, prepare myself food, sing songs, and dance. All in one day. All recorded on video. All that will be uploaded in Day 7's vlog.

I was able to upload both Day 5 and Day 6's videos to YouTube, so I'm completely caught up on my vlogs now. Yeah! I haven't caught up on my journal entries yet though. I could have worked on catching up on those, but I already did an entire day's worth of activity, a lot of things, so I watched a television show on my computer instead just to relax I guess. I don't remember the past days that well, except the vlog videos sure do help me remember. I don't remember any internal thoughts I had though.

Yeah today was one of the best days in my life. I'm still behind on quite a few things I want to catch up on, but overall I did basically everything I ever wanted to, today. In one day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 20, 2021

Don't get so wrapped up in your long vlogging sessions that you neglect your work, be careful!! Been wondering why you haven't made a post here in a while

Posted On Apr 20, 2021

@iyazo Yeah you're right, I shouldn't slack off in the work department for my vlog. It's all good though, I have around 3 weeks of vacation time I can use freely.

I felt so overwhelmed this morning feeling I had so many things to deal with, but got through them. I caught up on a bunch of items though and updated today's entry.

Posted On Apr 20, 2021

@JustMegawatt Woo vacation!! Glad you were able to power through everything and ended up having a good day.

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