April 20, 2021

4/20 Blaze It?

6:46 AM (of Wednesday, April 21st 2021)

10:05 PM (of Wednesday, April 21st 2021)

Today is Tuesday, April 20th and it's 4/20! Blazeee it!! Hehe just kidding. I've actually never done marijuana before, but I've been around a lot of people who have. It was pretty popular back in my school days, as early as middle school I knew kids that were doing it, and several people I hung out with did it. I've met so many interesting characters man, haha.

I'm not the one to succumb to peer pressure, though I'm not saying I never have. Even in groups though where everyone else was smoking weed, I refused to.

This was all because in 4th grade, we were drawing the cardinal directions on maps of the state I lived in (North, East, South, West) and its 5 geographical regions (Piedmont, Tidewater, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau). I think those regions are arbitrary by the way, and I guess same with the cardinal directions. Anyway, it was hard to remember North, East, South, West, back in the day and which direction each went as some 4th grade kid, so I came up with my own mnemonic, literally invented it on my own, Never Ever Smoke Weed (NESW). Somehow that random thought and moment in my life, influenced the rest of my life a lot.

I was a cry baby kid. I could basically cry on command. I can't do that anymore now, but like, any small teasing to me and I would just instantly start crying. I've never seen any other case in the world like it. For several years, until probably 7th grade, heck even up to 10th grade, I'd use crying as a coping mechanism for anything bad. If someone stole my pencil or whatever, I would start crying. It was like a superpower. I don't think anyone in the entire world cried as much, and I'd do it publicly almost daily.

The last time I remember crying in public like that was in 10th grade, when Bing was brand new. Some other friend made a joke and said that Microsoft said it stood for "But It's Not Google", and I thought that was for real, like that was actually the reason they called it Bing. In AP Government class, I told my group I was working with that "Bing stands for But It's Not Google" and said it seriously, like that was for real, because my other smart friend who got good grades like me, said so. Then someone in my group just searched it and disproved me saying "It says here they called it Bing because that's the sound a bell chime sort of makes, like Bing!"

I don't know why being wrong in that context made me start crying, but it did. I mean who gives a shit about that really? I cried the entire class, and my group tried to console me. LOL. When I cry too, I leave my desk wet with tears and snot, and that drips on my clothing too. Yeah I got really used to crying in public. Though honestly, I didn't feel depressed or sad or anything, like I said I could basically cry at will at one point. All this sounds pretty unreal and dubious, but it happened. I cried so very frequently publicly from elementary school through 10th grade, really.

The only way to verify this though is to talk to my classmates who were around at that time, and my teachers. My parents too probably since they had to deal with me, though they obviously didn't see me crying in school. I cried the most in elementary school, so those classmates are the best people to ask. Though, we all basically grew up to be nobodies, so, who really cares? It's really hard to corroborate stories before we had cell phones that could record videos of everything. Everything is just a tale, even if true.

That's actually one of the reasons I started my vlog, I wanted to corroborate my lifestyle. I can go around telling people "Yeah I lived on $2 a day without a fridge or freezer, no bed, no washing machine. I've been vegan for 8-9 years and didn't eat any animal products this whole time either. No coffee or energy drinks, no stimulants or other drugs. No car. Yet every day I did around 10k steps, I did 1-2 hours of household chores, around 1 hour of strength exercises and I sang and danced, happy throughout it all, full of energy through it all" but who would believe that? It would be hard to believe if I didn't record it all. That's why I'm recording it all.

I dunno man. I want to make a point that we don't really need much to sustain ourselves, be happy, etc. We don't need to kill animals and eat their corpses for any reason at all either, and I'm very angered we continue to do this and cause massive suffering unnecessarily on a daily basis to billions of lives, seriously. It's what I dislike the most about humanity, and most of us are just so dumb. You don't really realize how dumb most people are until you debate veganism with them, then they'll come up with the dumbest reasoning and arguments you can imagine, while in any other context they wouldn't come up anything as stupid as what you'll hear them say. It's a fascinating phenomenon.

Anyway, today I did the same as most other days. A bunch of household chores, mainly cleaning and washing dishes, a bunch of workouts like squats, push ups, crunches, and planks, but I didn't walk outside today which my excuse was because I didn't feel like it. It's a bad excuse. I easily could have walked outside.

Also what's fascinating is that I'm not getting sore after days of doing these strength exercises every day. There was one time a friend brought me to his gym as a guest, I did all the same workouts as him with the same weights in almost all of the activities (I had to have a lot of weight assist on the pull up machine) and we worked out for about an hour. The next day he told me he was super sore everywhere, and I told him I wasn't sore at all, because I really wasn't. And he was like, no way, your muscles don't hurt at all? I said, nope. No soreness.

Even today though, I would feel tired after doing the workouts, but I would feel no soreness whatsoever ever, not even shortly after the workouts or the morning of the next day. Also I improved too, I went from only able to do only 1 push up in 1 set, to now 5 push ups in 1 set as of today, Tuesday. I graduated from elevated planks, to real planks on the ground. I did around 61 seconds in one go as my maximum record on Sunday, and I've been doing 30 seconds in 3 sets every day since, no soreness. For my goblet squats, I graduated from 0 extra pounds, to 20 extra pounds, to now 36 extra pounds on the goblet squat. For my crunches, I need to do more next time, I have only been doing 30 reps per set for 3 sets, but I can probably boost that to 45 reps per set by now.

I feel really really good, calm, and happy on a daily basis. My mood never gets below neutral, where I feel neither happy nor sad, just neutral and calm. I either feel neutral (nothing), or I feel really good for no reason, like high almost. I'm feeling usually in between at any given time throughout the day. Maybe it's the sun, maybe it's the whole foods and plant diverse diet I'm eating, maybe it's having everything I'd ever want (which turns out to be the few possessions I already own), maybe it's the daily exercises, maybe it's the sense of purpose recording every day, or maybe it's a combination of all of them, but yeah, I feel fantastic most of the time (not all the time though as I mentioned earlier, I'd be neutral calm at the worst).

The main possession I want/need is my laptop though. With it, I can do everything else. All my sources of entertainment such as videos, music, literature, games, adult, etc. are all accessible with a laptop. Every serious category too like work, email, banking, etc, are all accessible from my laptop too. Without my laptop, I wouldn't be unhappy, but I'd be pretty bored. I guess I could lie down on the ground outside and just look at the skies all day. Though extremely calming, I'd want other things to do other than just look at the sky all day.

Anyway that was pretty much my day today. If my writing started to suck near the end, it's because I'm very sleepy now as I write this. I'm so sleepy and tired. My eyes are getting heavy and they just want to close and sleep. I can't stay awake forever even if I tried. Zzz... I'm turning off the lights and sleeping now...

Written by JustMegawatt

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