April 22, 2021

The Andrew Jackson: Fallout 4 Build

*A few tracks to compliment this particular playthrough:

RX-101-Self Destructing Asteroid 

Super Furry Animals-Organ Yn Dy Geg

Kiss-Seduction of the Innocent 

Fallout 4 Roleplay Plans:

Character Name: Andrew Jackson

Build Type: Evil Dictator/ Mildly Overpowered Uberman/ Time Traveler/ Slaver/ Destroyer of Worlds

  • Prefers to boldly march into battle and pistol whip mother fuckers in the teeth as opposed to having rational conversations and using stealth. (Both of which are for pussies). 
  • Enjoys all kinds of weapon types and isn’t afraid to use cheats + Mods
  • Stock Up on Weapons/ Armor with Badass Legendary Effects before disabling free maker + Cheat Room
  • Access the Cheat Room + Maker Station for a limited time (after properly stocked up)
  • Faction Allies: None/ Temporary
  • Complete missions only as long as needed to Obliterate Factions
  • Evil Dictator who Rules with an Iron Fist (Which he uses to Beat his Enemies to DEATH).


“The Andrew Jackson” has been resurrected and is ready to kick the fuck out of the Commonwealth...AGAIN! He’s Back and “Old Hickory” is primed and ready to crack skulls and “Enslave To SAVE!”.  “King Mob” returns hundreds of years after his alleged “death” to find the world ravaged by nuclear war.  Knowing that the people of the Commonwealth are fucked unless someone is willing to be a true leader!  The Commonwealth is clearly in need of a good ol’ fashion dick punching. So, The Andrew Jackson is here to clean house. He will ally with any faction until the point when he’s used them to crush their enemies. Then he will pull a total 180 and slap the shit out of them with a bowl of screamin’ hot chili (metaphorically speaking).   

The Man Himself will begin this Epic Adventure by Hunting Down that ol’ dick wagger, Kellogg, and surgically removing his spine from this ass. Next, Jackson will set up his base of operations at the abandoned insane asylum, formerly known as Parsons State, henceforth to be known as The Hermitage!  Revamping the nut house into his private Mansion of Madness, fit for the “Mob King.” 

Operation FUCK THE BOS! (I actually took care of this right after making worm food out of Kellogg)

  • Jackson: Exits Kellogg’s HQ and steps out to relieve himself off the roof.
  • Overhead: The Prydwen flies by like some giant hovering bear turd. 
  • Jackson: “Fuck YOU you Fucking Fuckers!”, he battle-cries as he activates his jet pack and explodes into the sky. Keeping pace with the shit-birds until they reach the airport. Jackson climbs aboard and makes quick work of the entire crew (literally painting the walls red with their blood. A vast improvement to the dull, rusted grey steel.)  Children are vanquished using the “NPC Eraser”, presumably teleported to a better place. Heaven? Probably not. 
  • He’ll return at a later time to blow what remains of the stinking, air-coffin into a steaming pile of twisted metal and shattered dreams.

Written by Merlin Dumbledore

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