April 23, 2021

Attempted a 24 hour Vlog

8:26 AM (of Saturday, April 24th 2021)

Today is Friday, April 23rd 2021 and today I attempted to do a 24 hour vlog. Starting at 12 AM, I recorded myself giving an introduction to the camera, and then 6 hours of sleeping. The camera was on, recording me sleep for around 6 hours. When I woke up, I checked my weight while holding the camera, and then I brought this wall clock with me as I used the bathroom. I made sure the camera wouldn't capture any adult parts or anything, and I had the camera pointed towards my face and the clock was visible too.

I did my entire bathroom business in about 30 seconds, pooping and peeing. This is a norm for me every day, I do usually poop in under a minute at any time during the day, not only in the mornings. But yeah the camera and the clock were with me in the bathroom, seeing me do my entire business, and in just 30 seconds. In the wild too, all animals take less than a minute to poop. It's only in humans that some take more than 5 minutes to poop, because most of us are not getting in enough fiber. If they ate a lot of fiber like me, they'd poop as fast as me, as fast as all normal animals in the wild.

It's a superpower because I have had many instances in my life where I'd go to a bathroom, like the male bathroom at my old office for example, and all the stalls except one would be taken. So everyone else is pooping in all these other stalls, just sitting there in their business attire, constipated. I'd go in, sit down, and do my business in about 30 seconds, wipe, and get out, and after washing my hands when I turn around to look at the stalls, everyone else is still in there. Honestly some people are probably in there just to waste some time and get on their phone. But still.

This has happened so many times to me in environments outside the office too. The only people who can poop as fast are other people who eat a bunch of fiber (whole food plants), like my dad, who also poops in under a minute. It's really fast, like you think we just went in there to pee, but we really did #2. This is because every single food we eat has fiber, there is no food we eat that doesn't have any fiber (except very rarely).

And yeah I do remember considering it normal once upon a time to take over 10 minutes to poop. I think taking over 5 minutes to poop should be considered abnormal, nowadays I poop in under 30 seconds basically every time I go and poop, and that is coming from someone that used to take over 10 minutes to poop. It takes me longer to wipe and wash my hands than it takes me to poop, seriously. It's on video too. It took me like a minute to wipe and wash, while I was done both pooping and peeing in about 30 seconds.

So capturing that normal moment to me on video was a very significant part I'd say, because few people can poop like me. I'd have other pooping footage, but I didn't poop throughout the rest of the day (except later at night, when I already stopped recording).

7:06 PM (of Saturday, April 24th 2021)

Today is still Friday, April 23rd 2021. So the rest of the time I recorded the vlog, I did chores like clean up the living room, wash dishes, etc.

6:52 AM (of Sunday, April 25th 2021)

Today is still Friday, April 23rd 2021. Yeah I just had a normal rest of the day. I exercised a bit in the morning, doing strength exercises, used my computer for a bit, and then for around an hour I danced and sang along to music. After that, I just worked the rest of the time, working on things on my work laptop. Here is the full video of my day, part 1. It is 12 hours long and half of that is just me sleeping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QjrJRg8UZ4

What's funny is that even while sleeping I tossed and turned a lot, but I was asleep the whole time so I had no idea I was even doing that. Yeah that whole time I was asleep and moving around, was purely unconscious movement.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 30, 2021

Champion of speedrun pooping 👑😆

Aww I was gonna browse through your video but the hospital wifi has it restricted by the network admin apparently...I wonder why. It's done that with a lot of stuff on my playlists which are all SFW ASMR, so I dont get it 😕

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