April 24, 2021

Walked To Nearby Grocery Store, Enjoyed My Time

6:35 PM (of Sunday, April 25th 2021)

Today is Saturday, April 24th 2021 and it was a beautiful day today. This was the day after my 24 hour vlog attempt, and so I felt a little free knowing I didn't have a camera watching me 24/7. Today I didn't do much. I recorded myself talking to the camera a few times in the morning, then I just entertained myself online.

At noon, I went outside in the hot sun, and it was very hot, and I started walking towards the nearby grocery store. I say near, but it's like 30 to 40 minutes away walking distance, so it's like 1.5 to 2 miles. That's pretty close in my opinion. Whenever I ask realtors though if there's a nearby grocery store, if it's more than 10 minutes walking away, they are like "no there is no nearby grocery store", but there is, it's within an hour away! Why is 30 to 40 minutes walking such a far distance? It's not... That's an okay distance to walk.

On the way to the grocery store, I passed by this mango tree. I've written about it before, but it has hundreds of mangoes and they're free basically. I couldn't have picked some out from the tree this time because most were too high to reach, so I just grabbed them from the floor instead, there were tens of mangoes just on the ground, cracked and oozing juice. Before, I wrote about how I just reached up and grabbed some mangoes, I think other people already did that too much and the only ones left were higher up now. So on the floor, I would just pick one up, flip it over to its unbroken side, and peel from there, and eat from there to avoid ingesting any dirt. These mangoes on the ground were so sweet and fresh delicious. They were very good. I love sweet fruit.

My hands got really gooey and sticky though from handling and eating through a few mangoes using only my hands. I was sweating profusely outside since it was so hot, and I walked without a shirt on, so I just used my sweat to clean up my hands basically.

I walked for around 30 minutes walking through some neighborhoods until I got close to the grocery store. All I had to do was cross the street and I would be at the grocery store. It was impossible to cross however, because there was so much traffic on the road, just jam packed, and constantly moving. So I took this long way around, I kept going straight until I hit the next intersection, and then crossed straight, and then crossed the street right, so I ended up on the side of the street with the grocery store, all I had to do was walk all the way back to where the grocery store was.

I kept going straight however, and went inside the small mall there. I've been through there before, just walking around. There wasn't much inside. I just walked from one side to the other and emerged at the other side closer to the grocery store.

The grocery store was really expensive. I bought a few different foods, most of it was just condiments and additions to my rice and beans. I bought barbecue sauce and herbs and spices, I bought some bananas, some potatoes, peanut butter, bread, flax seed, tomato sauce, and juice that I would drink right outside, and that was basically it. Everything cost around $35 which is super pricey. Dude everything here is so expensive compared to Virginia. I could get away with all these items for like $15 in Virginia, at an Aldi's. Everything in Aldi's is super cheap. The avocados here, though I get it, they're super big, but they're like $3 each. Wtf. At Aldi's they were 65 cents each.

Walking back home, I carried 25 pounds worth of food with me. I measure it later when I got on the weight scale at home without groceries and got a certain weight, then weighed in at 25 pounds extra with the groceries. I stopped by this local fruit vendor though, and I bought a papaya and three mangoes from them. I could get free mangoes myself, but whatever, they were only a dollar each and were a bit bigger than the free ones from that tree. I rested on this cinderblock as I drank the juice I bought and watched the traffic go by. It was so peaceful.

Walking back home was a fun workout. It was like a 40 minute walk back home, carrying 25 pounds worth of groceries under the heat of the sun. I stopped sweating at some point because I ran out of liquids to sweat. Anyway no problem.

At home I basically rested for a bit, then I ate the papaya and one mango. It wasn't as sweet as the free ones outside.

That was basically my day. I'm getting super sleepy now as I write this, so that was it.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 30, 2021

Yeah what the heck a half hour is a pretty short walk. People are just so used to cars and not having to walk everywhere even though it's healthier.

I'm a bit jealous of your free mango tree, that sounds amazing! The juice sounds good too, but sounds like you could have used more water today to keep hydrated.

Sounds like a great day!

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