April 13, 2020

Entering The Fourth

Today is the fourth Monday from since I took my first leave due to the pandemic. To be honest I miss working. I really do. I love what I do and there are also things I'm eager to finish. It saddens me how I have all this extra time yet I can't do anything because all the necessary data I need are in my working laptop which I left in the office. Had I been given the permission to work from home, I would've brought home my working laptop on the 21st of March and I won't be having these complications.

My office gives us laptops and phones to use for working purposes so that all data and all conversations can be monitored by the office and there's no loss of data in case someone is being let go or has resigned. Easy for tracking history data and convos really. So, when I was denied my request to work from home obviously I didn't bring home any of my work stuff since the office and we agreed that I would take it as a leave. But there are some clients who do have my personal number and now are reaching out to me. I really wanna help but I don't have my things, and I don't wanna rely on my memory as well when talking about data, so all I can say is "I'll convey it to my office mate and have them get back to you." which is not ideal and I don't really like passing off something that's supposed to be my work, but then again my hands are tied..

I do wish things get better soon for everyone in the world. Life as we know it is really changing and I can't help but wonder that even when this is done, how much of it will change our behavior from then on?

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 13, 2020

Well, there are differences between ACNL and ACNH. One is: the tools break. It's not a big problem though as you can either craft themor buy them and the money is easily brought back, it just can go on your nerves sometimes. Also: the inhabitants never asked me for help in anything. I think my sister said they once did, idk. (It's her game and console btw I don't have money either). But the crafting idea is really good as you accumulate materials and instruction manuals from time to time. But there is a shop as well. I really like the game. My sister had seen a video about twenty things that a person doesn't like and i can relate to a lot of them. But still - it's just a couple of problems but they're not big. I really love that game :) My sister sometimes places items for me in front of my house. Like, i get up and come out and see "oh, a piano (flugel)" or a drums or something 😂. She's nice. One thing - if i understood correctly - is: people won't just put tjete house anywhere (in acnl i played and someone just placed her house behind mine!!! And removed the roses and two 1a-orange trees. I really didn't consider that could happen... I thought that's a safe space behind my house but nope... And you can move if you don't like that spot you live. Yeah, that's all i can think of right now 😅 but it's a great game and I'd say money that's not wasted.

Posted On Apr 16, 2020

@Plesi` awesome! hopefully when the price goes down I can affor it :) Thankyou so much for dropping by and explaining it to meee <3 I'm really looking forward to playing it as well~

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